Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

Do your children love slime making? Over the last few years, we have made lots of different types of slime, the world has gone slime mad lately. So you can imagine what my son Zac said when I asked him if he would like to test out the Ooze Labs Chemistry set from Thames and Kosmos. Soon as I’d mentioned the word chemistry and experiments, his eyes lit up and he couldn’t wait for the set to arrive. Zac loves chemistry, it’s one of his favourite lessons at school. 


The kit is suitable for children age 8+ and is available Here. It includes a large plastic chemistry station, experiment cards, various vessels in different sizes, syringe, measuring cup, pipette, spatula, tube, petri dish, funnel, non-hazardous chemicals for the experiments, and experiment manual.


The set includes 20 experiments that teach the basics of chemistry. All of the experiments use non-hazardous chemicals. The experiments are presented clearly on printed cards that can be clipped onto the lab station for easy reference. To be able to carry out all the experiments you will also need a few household materials. Most of the materials needed were things I already have like table vinegar and cornflour.


We couldn’t wait to do the slimy, fizzy, colourful, and bubbly experiments together. Experiments include glowing slime, colour-changing slime, fizzing reactions, oozing bubbles, rainbow in a test tube, chromatography, cabbage juice pH tests, solutions, filtering, crystals, fire extinguisher, and underwater volcano.


See my scientist in action :


We were also sent four ooze lab science experiments in big chunky plastic test tubes. Each Ooze Lab tube contains a simple science experiment to create a safe material that is both fun to play with and chemically interesting. 



Make a slime that changes colour from white to pink-orange in strong ultraviolet light, like direct sunlight.




Whip up a batch of slime that stores light energy and then glows in the dark!




Make your own colour-changing slime that changes from green to blue depending on the temperature. 




Mix up a pale blue slime and add holographic glitter flecks to it for a fun, sparkly effect.


The ooze lab test tubes measure under 6 inches tall, making it the perfect size for a stocking stuffer or fun party favour.


We were sent the Ooze Labs chemistry set and slime to review, as always all thoughts and opinions remain our own.



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