Instant Regret Moments!

My life is always so serious lately, very little time to laugh and always so much to worry about. I’m sure most people’s lives are the same, full of stress, worry and very little time for a good old laugh. Well a few weeks ago I sat with my niece and my daughter in the beautiful sun and we had a right good old laugh and I wanted to share our laughter with you to hope to lighten your day.

We were talking about all the embarrassing things that have happened to us, those cringeable moments that catch us out at some part in our lives. Can you relate to any of the below? What is your Instant Regret Moment?


Here are a few of mine:


1.    Casually walking along the street in my own world as usual and the person coming towards me waves, I wave back (natural instinct) only to realise that there is somebody behind me that the person in front is now quite obviously waving to. I try to pretend I wasn’t waving back by pushing my hair behind my ears. This happens frequently!

2.    Recently I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and have been meeting with professional people to discuss my business plans. As I have worked with children all of my life I find adults scare me even though I’m 42. This makes me nervous and I get blank moments and forget what I’m even talking about. This is so awkward!

3.    Tripping over in public, I have done this quite a few times. The worst is when you trip on air, basically your own two feet! I did this a few weeks ago whilst on my own walking along the street, the invisible man stuck out his foot for me to trip over. I went down fast but came back up a lot faster, looking around to see if anyone noticed and by the trying not to laugh look on the lady across the streets face, I had been caught.

4.    Getting someone’s name wrong or forgetting someone’s name when introducing them. I do this all the time!

5.    What is it about when you wear something white or light you get food stains or splashes on your top. I wear black most of the time because I am so clumsy. My worst experience was when I was helping the older girls at one of my daughters dancing shows and they were wearing white tutus. We were as usual in such a rush to get them on stage. It had been a very hot day and the lipstick must have melted because as I was applying the red lipstick a large piece of red lipstick broke off and in extremely slow motion it rolled down the white tutu leaving a nice red pattern. I tried to wipe it with a wipe but whoops, no time off to the stage and one very cross teenager.

6.    I love coffee and don’t like mornings much. The school runs are always such a rush and I was so busy the other day I managed to get to 10:45 am before I realised that the 7 am mornings coffee had left a nice coffee moustache on my face. I had spoken to quite a few people that morning and nobody had told me. I often wear things inside out and it is not until late afternoon or until somebody tells me that I actually realise.

7.    I have a white Kia car, as they are such a reasonably priced car there are plenty of them about, especially white ones. This year I have tried to open the wrong car at the car park with my keys, cursing as to why my key won't work and saying stupid car only to realise it's not my car.


8.    Not only do I embarrass myself with trying to open the wrong car, but I often forget where I am parked. When this happens trying to walk around the car park looking for your car without looking like a car thief is the hardest part!


9.    Hayfever is a pain in the butt, I love the summer months but my hayfever drives me mad.  I usually always have some tissue in my pocket or bag but on this particular day it was very warm and I didn’t need my coat and hadn’t got my bag. I sneezed and as most of us do I put my hand up to my nose and really wish I hadn’t. My hand was now a snotty mess and I tried hard to shake it off my hand but it stuck like glue. My hand had grossed me out so much that I had forgotten to be discreet and was shaking my hand very vigorously. There were plenty of people around that must have seen. I grabbed a leaf from a nearby plant, I couldn’t walk home with a snotty hand!



10.    I love my Yoga classes and go every week and have been going for 5 years now. Yoga makes you relax and this can often cause some very embarrassing moments. I can honestly say that I haven’t farted during yoga yet, but I have probably just cursed myself for saying that. But holding in the laughter when somebody else does is a workout in itself. I feel so sorry for others when they do it, this often happens when they are in a undignified position, and it comes out quite loud too. I am like a child and really struggle not to laugh if somebody else laughs then I become hysterical.


11.    Back in my younger years, I was out on a first date with a boy and his mother came to pick us up to take us to the cinema on their way into town. I was so nervous as I had liked this boy for a long time and I had never met his parents before. When she pulled up, I opened the passenger door, flipped the front seat forward, and climbed into the back seat. It was only a few minutes later that I realised it was a 4-door car, and I had made a massive idiot of myself. No one ever said anything.


12.    Why do I sometimes spit at people when I am talking to them? I hate it when this happens!

13.    Sadly our dog Spot died this year, back in his youth he used to love to hump any females with dark hair. As he was a small dog all he could reach luckily was their feet and from the way, he acted towards their feet, let's just say he definitely had a foot fetish. This was very awkward when we had female brunettes come to visit or when we took him on walks.


I would love to hear your moments of instant regret. Please share them and join in with the fun by popping your most embarassing moment in the comment bar below. I would love to add your's to this post for others to read, you can be anoymous if you prefer!




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