Admiral Young Driver Review!

June 16, 2017


According to statics one in five newly qualified drivers will crash within the first six months of passing their test. In Sweden, accident rates plummeted by 40% when drivers had lessons at an earlier age. If children are introduced to driving from an earlier age they will gain more road experience. Road experience helps younger drivers to not waste their time second guessing what other road users are about to do, therefore they spend less time thinking and more time driving correctly.time. Most children spend at least 12 yrs in education during this time most of them will not have learned anything about road safety and awareness of the Highway Code and how to stay alive on the road. If schools teach road and safety awareness as part of the curriculum image how much this could help save lives.

Young Driver can help meet these needs until hopefully, it becomes part of the curriculum. Children age 10-17 (height 4ft 8 and above) are able to have one-to-one driving tuition with a qualified CRB checked instructor. The specially designed courses across the UK, have real, dual-controlled cars, and the students are able to learn the same skills as they would at the age of 17. Students first lesson includes driving, reversing, braking, steering and parking on a simulated road system with roundabouts, junctions, traffic signs and parking zones. Also included in your lesson is a personalised Drive Diary to record progress from each lesson. 



My 14-year-old daughter Skye took her first ever lesson and has shared her experience on Youtube, you can view it here and at the bottom of this page. If you would also like your child's lesson recorded, Young Driver offers an in-car video at an extra cost, and I think it's a great memory to keep for their future. They also offer lessons in a Bentley once a student has had two lessons, and this would make a great birthday present for Bentley fans. 



Birthday parties and gift vouchers are also available, including lessons available for 5-10-year-olds in an electric car. My 6 year old would love this experience as he loves cars and I might arrange this for his birthday this year.


Young Driver accommodates people with physical and learning disabilities. Drivers can choose to learn in a hand control or automatic car. This all takes place at the weekends and selected dates during the school holidays. If you would like to find out more click here



My daughter's experience in her words;

"I arrived twenty minutes early as I wanted to make sure I had time to book in. I was excited but nervous, as I stepped out of the car I could see lots of red and white cars driving around a big car park. There were lots more cars than I had expected and this made me feel a bit anxious, what if I bumped into another car. I took a deep breath and had a good look around. The cars were moving slowly and the children drivers seemed to be fine and looked relaxed at the wheel. There were cones all around the large car park sectioning off areas to form a road system. As I approached the desk to sign in the staff were very welcoming and friendly. The lovely lady that signed me in took me aside and gave me a quick explanation on what to expect. I then met with my driving instructor who introduced herself to me, she was also very friendly and helped me to relax. I am a stress head and suffer anxiety attacks but I managed to stay calm. I was then taken to the car and when inside my instructor showed me how to adjust the steering wheel, seat and my mirrors. I was then shown all the controls and with the instructor's help, I had a good 15 minutes to familiarise myself with the controls. When I was ready I started the car, this took quite a few attempts but I got there in the end. I started tp feel very warm and nervous but my instructor sensed this and helped me to relax. Driving a car had always looked so easy but it was a lot harder than I had thought. However, I was enjoying myself and I loved the way the car felt in my control. In my 60 minute lesson I completed level 1 in my progress book, this included pre-safety checks and adjustments, starting the car, moving away, stopping and steering. I definitely would like to take further lessons and improve my driving skills and really enjoyed my lesson."



Parents and spectators are able to watch their child from hospitality areas. There was a big old bus serving snacks and drinks and there were also clean toilets available. My daughter took her first lesson at Birmingham NEC, there are over 43 venues in the UK and you are able to book 7 days a week.



I think overall that Young Driver is a road safety revolution and I would highly recommend.





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