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  • Three words to describe me are, loving, kind and headstrong.

  • I have been blogging for 12 months, I started writing for therapy, my friend who is a blogger suggested I write to help me talk about my feelings with others.

  • My blog name Mumgoingcrazy is exactly as it reads, I am definitely a mum going crazy.

  • The best thing to come from my blog is that I chat daily to other bloggers that cheer me up when the going gets tough. Things have been very hard lately and my blogs have helped distract me and cheer me up.

  • The most remembered thing from my childhood is my holiday to Italy when I was 9. Italy was so full of culture, architecture, history and great food. It was my first holiday of exploration we visited so many places it was so exciting and different from my usual beach holidays.

  • Something interesting you might not know about me is I have extremely low blood pressure that my doctors have told me originates from an aboriginal tribe in Austrailia?

  • The social media platform that best describes me is Instagram because I like to live in the instant moment, planning and organising are not my thing!

  • My happy song is silence by Delerium ft Sarah Mclachlan. I feel in love to this song at the love festival in Leeds.

  • My favourite alcoholic drink is cranberry and vodka.

  • Lemon drizzle cake is my favourite cake.

  • Dominoes vegetarian pizza with the garlic dip is so good and this has to be my favourite takeaway dish.

  • My dream holiday destination is Florida, I love Universal Studios and Busch Gardens so much. I am not one for sitting around and love Theme parks.

  • My superhero name would be Helena Yamka.

  • The power to heal would be my magical power. I would love to heal all the sick people in the world.

  • The one weapon that I think would help me survive a zombie apocalypse is the zombie antidote definitely with Smirnoff.

  • If I could send anything into space it would have to be Buzz Lightyear, "To infinity and beyond."

  • The words I would have on my gravestone would be,"The shell is here but the nut is gone."

  • I make headline news around the world in 2 years time for finding a cure for my daughters Crohn's disease.

  • If an EMP wiped out all mechanical forms of transport and I had to find a way to get to BlogOn, I would contact my

  • ex-boyfriend Spiderman and ask him very kindly if he would give me a swing.












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