• Amanda Blackburn

The Divine Matrix

This is what I understand it to be; The divine matrix is the container that holds the universe, it is the bridge between all things, it holds what we have created. Everything in our world is connected to everything else. Once something is joined, it's always connected whether or not it remains physically linked. When we recognise that we are not separate but are part of the world and the divine matrix, we are able to tap into the force of the universe itself. We already have all of the power we need, all the change we choose. The act of focusing awareness is an act of creation on to itself, consciousness creates. The focus of your feelings becomes the reality of your world. To simply say we choose a new reality is not enough, we are creators, we can create one. Feeling is the language that speaks to the divine matrix, go into your heart space, feel as though your goals are already accomplished and your prayers are already answered. The secret to lasting effects in our prayers is to maintain the feeling as if the outcome has already happened. Not just any feeling will do, the things that you create must be without ego, without judgement. The universally connected hologram of consciousness promises that the instant you create wishes and prayers they are already at their destination, they are already received. Your conscious creation is holographic every piece of your creation is vibrated to those who become part of or see your creation. Through the hologram of consciousness, a little change in our lives is echoed all over the world. We are not bound by the laws of physics. The divine matrix serves as the mirror in our world, for the relationships that we create and our beliefs. The root of our negative experiences have created universal fears like abandonment, low self worth and trust. Our true beliefs and strengths are only usually seen in our most intimate relationships. We have forgotten that we are creators and that we must become in our lives the very things that we chose to experience as our world. Our bodies are made of lots of quantum particles, these particles are held together by the power of consciousness. The freedom that these particles have suggests that we have the freedom to move space and time. The particles we are made of give us instantaneous communication with one another. Everything we need is within us, we just need to remember how to use it correctly. Unfortunately we have many creators creating war instead of love. So get creating something good, remember you have everything within, the quantum has it all.

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