• Amanda Blackburn

How to connect with your guides.

We are evolving, we are always evolving, but right now we are evolving at a faster rate. We are currently living and experiencing a very important time in human history.

As humans we are shifting and ascending into higher frequencies. Many humans are starting to tap into other guidance, lots have been aware of this guidance and have been using it for quite some time, so it is no longer seen as crazy, it is becoming more accepted in our human society. Myself and many others are accessing the guidance that is available outside and inside of ourselves.

As evolving humans we are experiencing a universal shift that is creating higher energy frequencies. This is being seen, felt, heard, and experienced by many humans around the world. You may be experiencing it right now without being consciously aware.

Have you noticed your intuition getting stronger?

Are you connecting with your higher self, and is your higher self getting louder?

Are you hearing and sensing that your guides are around you?

Are you dreaming more, and remembering your dreams?

Are you seeing signs that keep appearing, like the same number or picture? Are you feeling very different in your thoughts?

The higher energy frequencies are available for us all to tap into. Our conscious energy is evolving and many of us understand that we are not just the ego and the mind anymore. Many of us are recognising that there is so much more to our human form.

So you can receive guidance from many different energies, one of the most common places to receive guidance is inside ourselves, our intuition.

Intuition is a feeling, an instinct, it’s that peace of you that doesn’t feel right, or that does feel right. Intuition is felt within the physical body, it is that gut feeling that can often feel uncomfortable. So when you are asked to do something, you will hear a voice that comes in, saying maybe “you don’t want to do that, you are not comfortable doing that”, that is the higher self coming in, intuitively, giving you a sign in your gut.

For example:

My husband was driving to work as usual, his route is through the country side, the roads are tight and curvy. The bushes surrounding the roads are quite high making it difficult to see approaching traffic. He never drives fast and always sticks to the speed limit around these types of roads. The route is usually always quiet, he really enjoys the country drive.

But on this particular day, he felt the need to slow right down, checking there was no one behind him , he reduced his speed. He continued driving below the speed limit, questioning himself as he drove along, but feeling like it was the right thing to do. As he slowly approached one of the bigger bends, he spotted a lorry coming towards him. The lorry was going quite fast, far too fast around the bend. Luckily he had seen it and pulled into the road side out of it’s way. The lorry driver had been in a rush. He was relieved he’d acted on his gut feeling.

There are many examples, another obvious intuitive feeling that most of us can recognise and relate to, is when you feel the need to ring someone, when you intuitively feel the gut feeling inside of you, but as you are about to ring them your phone rings, you answer it, and it’s them, or when you ring them they have something important to share with you and they had been thinking of contacting you.

Higher self is a voice, the higher self is an aspect of yourself, it’s an aspect of your light, it’s an aspect of your energy. The higher self is a very direct voice that is in your head. It is different from the voice of your mind. When you start to listen to it more and more, you will start to pick up on the different frequencies of it. You will start to feel the energy of the message coming in and you will begin to understand the different feelings between the different energies.

From my experience the higher self is inside, it’s internal, it’s coming from within you, and it’s like a best friend talking to you, it will be this voice that says, “hey you should really go and take a walk, you need some air” or “you are tiered, you deserve your rest, go and take it” or “ your unhappy with your career, do something about it” these are just examples, there are many. Your higher self is your voice of guidance and support.

We often ignore what our higher self says, for example: you are tiered, you have a busy day tomorrow, “go to bed”, your higher self warns you, but you ignore it and you stay up longer. The next day you are grumpy and you can’t function like you would have done if you had listened to your higher self. These little messages from our higher self are always coming through, we just need to learn how to be conscious of them. When you listen and act on the help and support from your higher self, you will learn more about yourself than you have ever known.

As we are shifting into higher frequencies, we are being required to begin to listen to aspects of ourselves. So we, meaning our ego and our mind, are no longer in control. When you listen to your higher self, you will be asked to do things that don’t make sense, you may not feel comfortable with, like ending a relationship, moving jobs, moving schools or house, things that are not in your comfort zone.

Our higher self asks that we do things that might offend our ego. I would never go anywhere without my makeup, my ego said I looked ugly without it. My higher self taught me how to feel good enough to go out without it, I am now free from that control. You are always good enough, your higher self is always reminding you of this, it knows what is good for you. With lots of practice you will learn to listen to your higher self rather than your controlling mind, and programmed ego.

When you receive your guidance, you will not be told of the outcome, you have to trust the guidance and have faith and a knowingness that by listening to guidance miracles and amazing things will happen. The shift is pushing you towards you becoming the next higher version of yourself.

So when we let go of control, and listen to our guides, when we learn to trust the guidance and act on it, we are shifting into higher states of consciousness. We are being conscious aware beings, that observe ourselves and learn to use the skills that have always been available to us, we just didn’t realise it, we were not advanced enough to see it.

Most of the time we ignore our guidance and we talk ourselves out of acting on the advice that we hear. We do this over and over and over again, and if you are lucky the more you ignore it, the more it will come through, and come through, until eventually you listen. We must learn to trust ourselves and listen to our own guidance.

I have been talking with my guides for three years now. From my experience when you are in this new way of being you are very present and the second you hear something coming in, you just do it, follow it, just don’t think about it. Don’t try to make sense of it, understand that this isn’t going to have or come with step by step instructions, this isn’t going to come with a picture of the outcome, you are not going to know what the outcome is. It’s not going to come with a really comfortable feeling around it, it’s going to come with this unknowingness, this kind of faith that you just have to trust.

I hear my higher self throughout my day, it is constantly with me, it is always guiding me. Yoga helped me learn how to listen correctly to my higher self. When you allow space into your body, you make room to receive.

My other guides sound similar to my higher self but their frequencies are very different and I don’t feel and hear them all of the time. I hear them in my ears first, my ears ring then the frequency within my mind changes. This is when I know I have to sit and listen. My heart rate increases and my body vibrates. I have to really ground myself to receive the messages.

I don’t know my guides by names, I just know them as energy beings. I have tried to learn who they are and more about them but it’s too much for me to understand and resonate with. I will hopefully understand more one day but I’m going with my feelings and experiences and that is more than enough for me right now.

The messages I receive from the higher energy beings often pop in while I’m teaching yoga. It has been quite challenging to teach yoga because of this, when my guides need to speak they speak, they like to do this during my yoga classes. especially when I’m teaching. Luckily my yoga students are used to me now, they recognise when it’s happening, they say they can also feel the vibration from me. My guides help me to be able to identify what needs healing in me and my students. I have been healing them and helping them, thanks to the advice from my guides. I like to study all the things my guides advise me on, doing this has changed my life.

There is an infinite amount of guides, they are energetically around you, they are not a physical form, they are not designed to be physical because they have a higher perspective, they were designed to be more advanced so they can guide us. Our guides give us this higher perspective, they remind us of what’s going on, that’s why we have them.

They are energy, our body is energy, they are the energy that we didn’t know existed, every single human has guides. They are part of us all, they are with us at all times.

Trauma helped me find my guides, I have been communicating with them daily for over three years. I thought I was going insane, it’s not been easy to accept as it’s changed the way I feel about everything I’ve ever experienced. I have researched everything my guides have shown me and it’s all correct. Luckily there are many people speaking out about this, they have helped me understand and feel better about what I have been experiencing. This is why I’m speaking, to help bring awareness to this human gift that we all can access.

Everyone has the ability to access their guides, you can start by practicing at any part of the day. You must be present in your body, you need to look within to feel the energy. I have been teaching my students how to do this in my yoga sessions. Listening to your heart beat helps you go within. I suggest listening to guided meditation, especially heart/brain coherent meditation this really helps you connect quickly. I also teach my advanced students how to awaken the kundalini energy within them, this gives instant insight into hearing your higher self and your guides.

I have shared advice from my guides in my videos, listening to these will also help. I had to research everything to prove to myself that my guides are real, I suggest you do the same, it will help you learn to trust. One thing my guides always say is, “ question everything, learn to listen and study evidence for yourself, don’t believe until you know what is right within you”

Remember to keep it simple, a lot of people that try to connect with guides will say, “ I don’t hear anything, I must be blocked, there is something wrong with me” this is not true, you are energy, you have energy and you can access this higher energy once you learn how to.

Try to throw away any thoughts or beliefs that you are blocked, see yourself as open and ready to receive, try to relax and not force. You have to be ready in yourself to accept your guidance.

Sit quietly, breathe, allow your mind to chatter. Your mind will be busy going through what happened yesterday, what you are doing later, your ego will be loud, probably saying you are stupid for trying. I allow these thoughts to be heard, I accept them and let them be received, I observe them as an observer. I listen to my mind and ego but at the same time I focus on my breathing. Yoga taught me how to breathe deeply, yoga also taught me how to awaken my kundalini, awakening this really helped me feel the energy in my body.

You need to really breathe into your body, feel your chest rise and fall, feel your stomach rise and fall, go deep within. When you feel ready invite in your guidance, you can ask out loud or in your head, listen carefully for their energy. Let go of all attachments and expectations. The more you practice the better you will become, it flows more naturally with regular practice, the messages I receive come through at any time, even without me asking.

I purchased some oracle cards many years ago when I was studying mental health. A friend of mine had been using them to help her child through a difficult time. The cards had turned this child’s life around for the better. I was planning to make a child friendly version for children, I was working and had been working with young children for 25 years. I could see how anxious, fearful, stressed and depressed younger children were becoming, it was becoming normal in society. I felt inspired to do something to help, that’s why I started to listen to my guides, my senses told me to, I needed their support, I didn’t know where to begin.

I didn’t expect that oracle cards would change my own way of thinking. The cards helped me get through the depression that I suffered after my daughters illness. I used them for extra clarification, they helped me learn to trust my guidance, they would always tell me what I already knew. After many years of using them, they still blow me away with their accuracy.

Remember to love yourself through the process, don’t be hard on yourself, remember it is all energy, just sit with your body, sit with your breath and just feel. Your thoughts will try to get in the way, but practice helps you learn to recognise the difference between your mind and your guides. Don’t try to block out your mind, instead learn how to work with it, learn how to balance it. I studied meditation for many years, I understood the technique, had faith in its benefits but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stop the chatter from my mind, the more I tried to quiet my mind, the louder it got.

It was my experience with yoga that taught me how to allow my mind to do it’s thing, whilst still allowing space within to receive. Deep breathing and concentration on certain parts of my body through movement allowed my mind to be so distracted with the yoga flow that it became quiet. I am now in control of it, it no longer controls me. With daily practice you will learn to experience the energy in your way, it might make you might cry, feel tingly, sweat more, see images, smell or taste something in the air, feel peace, feel elevated, you will feel it in your own way.

A good piece of advice from my guides is to avoid fluoride in your water, toothpaste and anything else you might consume with it in. This effects your energy field and can block your connection with your guidance.

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