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Claim Back Your Sovereignty

When you were born, your parents gifted you a name. Your parents then registered your name and birth details to receive your birth certificate. Your parents were not aware that they were giving your name away to the Government unlawfully. The Government created a LEGAL FICTION title for you so they could have control of you. This LEGAL FICTION title was created unlawfully because it was done without your knowledge and understanding. The Government have been using this fiction throughout your life to deceive you.

Your LEGAL FICTION is your title and name in capital letters (e.g. John Smith). Currently, the only existing record for you is a legal fiction which the state has attached to you; this means that you fall under their rules. By recording your birth with the Common Law Court, you now have an option, you can remain under the statutory system and rules or stand under the authority and jurisdiction of the Common Law Court.

You can now RECLAIM YOUR NAME by submitting your application to the Common Law Court. When you record your birth under common law, you establish your standing as a living man or woman. All you will need to make this claim is your birth certificate. This confirms that you have recorded your birth with the Common Law Court and that you have acquired ownership of your legal fiction. This will confirm that you stand under Common Law jurisdiction.

The Common Law Court is a non profit entity that has been set up to ensure that all men and women have a lawful remedy. The common law offers consistency and flexibility backed by courts that carry a global guarantee of independence, impartiality and enforceability. Magna Carta is a foundation of the common law systems practiced in Hong Kong, England and other jurisdictions.

The three primary common law rights: personal security, personal liberty and private property, and auxiliary rights necessary to secure them, such as access to justice. Virtually all states recognize, that people uncommon law, the right to receive information about one's medical condition, the treatment choices, risks associated with the treatments, possible outcomes, and prognoses.

As this LEGAL FICTION was created unlawfully, the Common Law Court will confirm that ownership of the LEGAL FICTION has been reclaimed by you. This information will be recorded with the Common Law Court in ‘The Book of Deeds,’ for preservation.

An application for OWNERSHIP OF THE FICTITIOUS NAME will only be accepted if you have already confirmed your birth under common law, this can be confirmed by recording your details under the Birth Certificate section. I have included a link to the common law information and where you can apply. I did mine last year and it was easy, it took no time. I suggest watching the straw man video, it is on the homepage section of the common law, it explains it in video form, I think it’s a great way of explaining it all, it helped me to understand it.

Once you have submitted your application and ownership all details will be recorded in the Common Law Court ‘Book of Deeds’, there is NO CHARGE for this process.

Website link The Common Law Court.

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