• By Amanda Blackburn.

Subtle Energy

Subtle energy runs through all life and the human energy system. The invisible energy is described as electromagnetic wavelengths, rates of vibration and patterns of pulsation. Even though you cannot see a person’s energy, you can perceive the quality of their energy by their body language. This is often referred to as the vibes, or vibrations you get from a person. I have worked with children for over 25 years, younger children seem to use Aura sensing without consciously realising. I’m sure you’ve experienced it with your own child. Has your child just stopped and stared at someone, and have you noticed how long they keep going back to that person really observing them. The eyes are the key to someone’s heart and soul, when you really observe someone, as a child does, you will sense someone's aura. To experience subtle energy for yourself, begin by rubbing your hands briskly together and holding them a few inches from one another. Feel the heat that emanates from them. That heat is a subtle energy. The heat you create is imprinted with your spirit and the thoughts and feelings you have. Positive attitudes generate more energy whilst negativity weakens the energy field. All living things are surrounded by layers of atmosphere that form an aura. The aura is the energetic envelope that protects the body. It acts as a shield protecting life force, it keeps oxygen in circulation. Its purpose is to ensure life so that we can breathe. When the aura is weakened by distress or disease it is unable to hold its full capacity of energy. The atmosphere surrounding the earth holds in vital gases that sustain life on our planet. The aura acts in a similar way by enveloping our vital life energy so that we can grow, thrive and develop to our fullest potential. We can strengthen our aura by living a healthier lifestyle, eating certain foods, practising meditation and yoga, listening to certain sound vibrations and with positive thinking. We can transform our energy through awareness and by understanding how the life force responds to positive intention. The human aura is made up of several layers of subtle energy. The seven layers starting from the top of the body: 1. The Divine- inner knowledge, inner guidance, ruler of life decisions. 2. The Monadic- expression, experience, maturity and growth. 3. The Spiritual- inner reflection. 4. The Mental- our attitude towards life. 5. The Emotional- our awareness of self, sensitivities, feelings, trust, love, kindness, respect, desires. 6. The Etheric- energy connects to the physical body connecting the cycles and rhythms of the earth’s energy. 7. The Physical- our organic systems composed of gases, liquids and dense matter. All the seven layers of energy are very different but they interact making our spirit, our feelings and our body act as one. The human energy system contains seven layers of energy bodies within the aura. The chakras exist in the Etheric body, next to the Physical body. The word chakra comes from ancient Sanskrit and means “wheel of light.” Sanskrit is the most commonly used language in Hindu texts. I have been studying the chakras and their meanings and using this knowledge to help me further my yoga journey. My understanding of the chakras is still very new to me I have only been including it into my yoga and meditation practice daily for the last four months. I wish I’d learnt about it a long time ago, the benefits of daily practice would have helped me during times in my life when I struggled mentally and physically. If I’d known how to strengthen my aura I would have coped better. So that’s why I have decided to create a new YouTube channel and Facebook page. I’ve called it Ancient Energy it’s all about the history of healing that was around way before the medicine was created. I want to share my healing experiences with you. No one should feel alone, depressed, anxious, confused, scared and worthless. I’ve felt all those things, I understand what anxiety and depression feel like because I’ve had it myself. I’ve found a way to wean myself off medication and heal myself naturally. If you are in need of some mental therapy, my new page is aimed entirely on that. I will be sharing diet tips, recipes, anxiety cope techniques, guidance, meditation plans, yoga routines that include balancing of the chakras. Any new experiences I learn along the way I will share with you. About me: Mum to 3 aged 45 living in the U.K. I have a level 2 qualification in exercise and fitness instructing and I’m currently studying to be a certified yoga teacher, almost finished. I have recently completed NCFE LEVEL 2 in awareness of mental health problems and NCFE CACHE LEVEL 2 certificate in understanding autism. I have worked with children over 25 years and have helped many of them get over their fears and anxieties. I have learned a lot from watching them grow and develop, it’s helped me learn so much about life. Now I would like to help others as I have helped them. Welcome to my page, let me help you smile and laugh again.


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