• By Amanda Blackburn.

Muso DJ game review.

Well, Christmas time is nearly upon us again, I’m almost another year older, time is flying by as usual. I always like to have a new game to play with friends and family at Christmas time. This year I have been gifted a game to review called MusoDJ. Who doesn’t love music? This game allows you to DJ using tracks from your chosen streaming music service. MusoDJ can be played with all music services including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Amazon. Everyone gets a turn to be the DJ and play their favourite choice of music that will match the card that they draw from the pack during their turn. When the DJ music is playing the other players have to try to guess the artist, track and category. Race against the other players to guess and earn an extra bonus by grabbing a mic card and actually performing your version of the DJ track. The first to score 35 points wins the game. This game is easy to play and doesn’t take any set up so it’s a thumbs up for me. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. MusoDJ playlist cards encourage different song choices and create musical memories for every player. You All Play at once and the game is suitable for teenagers and adults. Everyone gets to play throughout the game, you either play songs or guess answers.

Our favourite family game to play is 5 seconds rule, we like it because it’s quick, easy and fun. When you are entertaining friends at your home and alcohol is involved playing complicated games never works, unless you are a complete gaming geek which myself and my friends are not! MusoDJ is going to be another quick fun game that will definitely be played regularly. Muso DJ is suitable for players 12 years and over. The set includes 150 playlist music cards, 100 bonus point cards, 20 sing cards and rules. Muso DJ is available from Amazon, John Lewis, Waterstones and Argos priced £19.99


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