• By Amanda Blackburn.

Domain Authority why DA scores have changed.

Did you know that Moz (SEO metrics - including Page Authority and Domain Authority ) has recently changed the way our Domain Authority score is calculated? Domain Authority has become the industry standard for measuring the strength of a domain relative to ranking.

The new and re-vamped Moz Link explorer has found a way to improve DA (Domain Authority) making it more reliable and better at understanding sites which don't rank for any keywords. Moz Link Explorer looks at link counts and is able to integrate the proprietary Spam Score and complex distributions of links based on quality and traffic, along with lots of other factors.

Necessary improvements to DA means that scores are made fairer, this delivers a better, more trustworthy metric than ever before. Domain Authority will be able to keep pace with Google removing spam, improving correlations and will be relative to all the changes that Google makes.

These changes will allow Moz to make smarter decisions about search engine optimization strategies going forward. Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithm every year, now Domain Authority will be more responsive to Google's changes.

I’m a lifestyle blogger and I rely on my DA score to keep me updated on how my blog posts are ranking in search engines. My DA score has been improving over time and my DA scores are important to me. I currently had a score of 26 which took 2 years to achieve. I never use follow links and I keep my website free from spam. I grow my blog website the honest way, I don’t cheat to get myself more clicks, my website is organic and I always follow Google guidelines. Unfortunately, my score has lowered to 16, of course, I’m disappointed but I’ve been informed that nearly everyone has had their Domain Authority lowered.

So expect changes to your DA score but know that it’s not a reflection of changes to your site!

Have you had your DA score lowered, how has this affected you?

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