• By Amanda Blackburn.

Moji Pops

Have you seen the NEW Moji Pops Series 1(for 4-6s) from Magic Box Toys, that has just hit U.K. toy stores?

We were sent a great selection to unbox and review.

Emotion-based collectable toys:

2 x I Like Playset (£12 each) - £24 1 x Blister Glitter Surprise - £10 4 x Story playsets (£2.50 each) - £10 10 blind bags (90p each) - £9

The Moji sets are made up of everyday objects and brought to life as fun characters with an array of colourful emotions based on popular emoticons. Each blind-bagged character has a removable double-sided face; kids can flip it over to switch between emoticon-based expressions depicting a variety of sentiments, or swap faces completely with another character in the collection.

Children can also switch their character’s mood – there are six different-coloured face pieces, each with two distinct emotions to alternate between. There are 90 different characters to collect, from the worlds of pets, home, nature, travel, music, food and sport, including six ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops.

The accompanying accessories and toy range aims to bring the world of Moji Pops to life. Fans can choose from 12 different boxed Story sets (RRP £2.50 each) include two Moji Pops and a mini stage for them to act out a scene; six different Photo Pop blister packs (RRP £7 each), each containing four Moji Pops, photobooth-style accessories, a display stand and a mini photobooth frame to capture cool poses; the Blister Glitter Surprise – a blister 8-pack which comes packed with six Moji Pops plus two surprise ultra-rare Glitter Moji Pops (RRP £10); and four different ‘I Like…’ playsets: I Like Ice Cream, I Like Pets, I Like Party and I Like Movies. These contain two themed Moji Pops, various pieces of scenery and accessories to bring the theme to life (RRP £12 each).

What we liked about them.

The flippable, swappable faces and the cool props and scenes. Although they are collectables they also offer lots of playing potential for children. We enjoyed changing our characters moods whilst acting out scenarios using the story box sets. The sets are perfect for taking on holiday or travelling as they are small and easy to pack. The sets are so reasonably priced they make great gifts for your child’s friends birthday parties or even to pop in party bags as gifts.

This range definitely stands out as something genuinely innovative in the collectable space. Thumbs up from me and the children.


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