• By Amanda Blackburn.

Woody’s wonderful world.

Another month with Woody has flown by and he will soon be 5 months old. What a wonderful puppy he is, we are enjoying every minute with him. He is now walking perfectly and we have been training him to stay by our sides when walking. Woody listens to us when we call his name and so far he has been coming back to us even when something is distracting him.

I’ve relaxed more and it’s not been as scary as I thought to let him meet other dogs. All the dogs we’ve met so far have been very friendly and have played with him lovely. Woody loves other dogs to play with, although I’ve kept it to a little hello with the much bigger dogs. Woody is so tiny he would get squished when playing with them and his speed might freak the bigger dogs out.

Our lifestyle has changed since having Woody. We have been visiting places where you can take dogs. It’s been a nice change looking for different things to do. My teenage daughter has been joining us during the weekends, Woody has brought us together as a family again. My son Zac has been stepping away from gadgets and getting out more, he is always playing with Woody, it's wonderful to see them together.

Woody has been helping me mentally, he is so loving and has the kindness nature. He sleeps on our bed every night and cuddles me. It’s like owning a real-life teddy bear. I have to comb him every night, he needs it to stop him getting all knotty. I find combing him so relaxing, it’s like my calm therapy before bed, he usually falls asleep after and so do I. It usually takes me about half an hour, but when his hair is longer it can take well over an hour. He had a groom on Saturday and we asked my sister in law to make it shorter than last time. He looks absolutely adorable with his new cut, he’s so tiny under all his hair, he also smells divine, not sure what she uses but it makes Woody smell so fresh and his coat is so glossy and soft after.

We have been going out for family walks and trying out different dog restaurants. Dog restaurants are where you can take your dog along to. My 8-year-old son thought dog restaurants were for dogs, he made me laugh as he thought it was a restaurant where dogs could be served and eat together. We want to include Woody in everything we possibly can, it’s not fair leaving him alone when we are out all day.

So far we have visited three dog restaurants. The Denbigh Arms in Monks Kirby which is located in Warwickshire near Rugby U.K. It is traditional and inviting pub set in a beautiful location with stunning views of the local church and surrounding area. The food is delicious, is always freshly prepared and there is plenty of choices. They also cater for kids and vegetarians and the food is excellent value for money. It also includes a large beer garden and plenty of customer parking. We have been 3 times in the last month because it’s so nice.

The other dog-friendly restaurant and cafe we visited were in Stratford Upon Avon. If you haven’t visited Stratford Upon Avon yet, I highly recommend. For those of you not familiar Stratford-upon-Avon, is a medieval market town in England’s West Midlands and is the 16th-century birthplace of William Shakespeare. There are lots of interesting places to visit in Stratford, we only live 20 minutes away so we’ve done most the attractions. We wanted to visit for a walk alongside the river Avon. You can walk all around, it’s so pretty and filled with old historical buildings. We took Woody for a nice long walk then we went to Hathaway’s Tea rooms for coffee, hot chocolate and cakes.

Hathaway’s tea room had a beamed ceiling, old oak wood floor and had wonky walls and walkways. We all loved the historical feel inside the tea rooms. The menu included light lunches and traditional afternoon teas. Hubby and I had a coffee which was good, the kids had a lovely hot chocolate. I also had a traditional English scone with jam and butter but no cream as I’m not a cream fan. Everyone else had chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream, it was delicious. Woody just crashed out again under the table. He’s so good, no one would even know he was there.

We then made our way to the workout circuit on the field and visited the large children’s park. We spent a good couple of hours working off our fattening deserts. It wasn’t long till we were all hungry again so we rang one of the dog restaurants we had searched online to see if they could fit us in. Luckily they could fit us in in an hour. It would take a good half hour to walk to it so it was perfect We planned to have a nice refreshing drink before as the sun had made an appearance and we were all warm. We made our way alongside the river Avon and arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes early. It was very busy people were queuing for tables, I was glad we had booked before we arrived.

The restaurant was called The Dirty Duck, not sure it’s the greatest name for a restaurant but certainly one you won’t forget. There was nothing dirty about this restaurant, I can assure you. The food was absolutely delicious, reasonably priced and the service was excellent. We had a lovely round table out in the conservatory and the children and Woody were made to feel welcome. There was plenty of food choice including vegetarian options and after we had finished Woody was given a special little treat for behaving so well. We will definitely be visiting again.

Now Woody is walking so well on and off his lead, we will be having lots more adventures together. I will share our adventures in Woody’s next post...

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to drop your U.K. friendly dog restaurants or places that you like to visit with your pooch in the comment bar below.


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