• By Amanda Blackburn.

Curry’s Scam!


We purchased a new tv in September 2018. We never ever get insurance plans on our items, such a complete waste of money. The tv was on offer and cost £699 we set it up on a buy now pay 6 months later plan with our already set up creation plan. We have purchased things in the past and always pay before the 6 months as it’s interest-free. Anyway, we couldn’t fit the tv in the car as we had already been shopping and filled the car and also had the children with us so arranged to pick it up later that same day. I went through the details of the plan on the computer. The salesman asked if we wanted to cover with our tv and we said no thank you. He had trouble with the printer and because we were in a rush to get back he said he would print it out and give it to my husband on collection. The salesman seemed so nice and trustworthy he even threw in two good quality HDMI cables that he said came with the sale of the tv.

Later that day my husband collected the tv and the paperwork was attached to the receipt. We were preoccupied with setting the tv up when at home and the receipt was put in a folder where I keep all my receipts. I had no reason for concern as I’d gone over everything on the computer, it was late I didn’t check the paperwork. It’s not like me to be caught out, but unfortunately, in this case, the salesman had well and truly caught me out.

What a con, I only just realised that I had been paying a protection plan monthly since November 2018. I haven’t been checking my bank online for a while due to my recent mental illness taking over. I’ve been too exhausted to find the time and it’s usually fine. I picked up on this last week when I received my 3 monthly statement. I rang immediately to find out what was going on. I’d paid the balance of the tv in early February with plenty of time left before the due date. I rang creation the payment plan and they explained it wasn’t them, they had received our full payment and was zero balance on our statement. They said to ring Curry’s.

I spoke to a lady at Curry’s, she was rude and said we had agreed to pay payment protection. I argued we hadn’t and she said she would cancel it but wouldn’t refund us as it was clear on the paperwork that we had agreed. I explained what had happened and she didn’t want to believe me and was nasty.

I rang my Visa card and spoke to a very helpful guy that said they have had this happen regularly. Some people hadn’t realised they had been paying for many years. It sounds silly but apparently, it was very common for this to happen with Curry’s, Visa had lots of complaints about similar situations. With the busy lifestyles, we all lead these things can often go unnoticed. Visa cancelled the direct debit so they couldn’t take any more from us and said they would try to get a refund for us. We are currently waiting for this. I will keep you posted as to how this goes but I wanted to make people aware to always check and not to trust or be caught out as we had been.

I will not be shopping in Curry’s again!

Have you had an experience like this?

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