• By Amanda Blackburn.

Meet Woody the Maltese.

We have a new family member. Meet Woody who was born on 21.11.2018 and arrived with us on Saturday the 16th February 2019. He’s a pure pedigree Maltese and currently weighs 2.5kg he’s had all of his jabs and we could take him out and let him touch the ground from 18th February. His wonderful mummy and daddy Teddy and Mimi said goodbye to him on the 16th, they both live in Hampshire U.K, it was a very emotional day for his owners and they nearly didn’t let him leave. Woody and his other brother and two sisters birth weren’t planned. Woody was well loved for his wonderful kind nature, he was the last puppy left and it was very difficult to let him go.

His owner Suzanne definitely gave him the best start in life and loved him dearly, we feel very lucky to have him. I have been keeping in touch with her to let her know how he’s been. She has enjoyed finally being able to take Woody’s parents Teddy and Mimi out for walks now. Teddy and Mimi had only been in their garden so they didn’t bring any germs back to the pups. I hope to visit with Woody this year, they live by the sea so it would make a nice weekend and I’d love to meet Teddy and Mimi.

Skye and Zac are so grateful for him and have been constantly thanking us for this bundle of joy. I said I wasn’t going to do the whole dog thing again as we had to say goodbye to our family dog 2 years ago. Spot was a Jack Russell and was with us for 15 years. Sadly we had to have him put to rest two years ago because of his arthritis. This broke all of our hearts and has taken us some time to be ready for another dog. We have thought very carefully about the best breed for our family and a Maltese was what we all decided to get. I have started a new Instagram account please come over and follow his world and show him some love. I will be writing monthly blogs about Woody and how he’s developing but if you want to see him daily then go follow his page.

Woody has been such a pleasure to have and we are all so in love with him. We’ve taken him out to parks nearly every day and he’s had little walks on his lead. He likes the car and loves attention from everyone but he also likes his own space, we’ve made sure we let him have this so he doesn’t get cross. He eats well, is nearly fully potty trained, and already I have taught him to sit, give his paw and come to me when called. I watched so many Maltese dog training videos before I got him, this had helped me so much and really works. I reward Woody with a tiny healthy treat free from additives and tell him he’s a good boy.

Woody had his first groom last Friday, my sister in law is a dog groomer. We introduced Woody to her the day after we got him, he loved her straight away, she is so good with dogs. She was only going to give him a little wash and dry and small tidy up for his first, but he was so good she managed to give him a full teddy cut. He smelt divine and looked absolutely adorable after, he still smells wonderful now. He also met Willow my sister in laws dog, she is a Westie. Woody wasn’t very playful with Willow but he didn’t moan and behaved. Willow wanted him to play but he was too tired, she kept tapping him with her paw, to encourage him to play.

Skye my 16-year-old daughter wanted Woody to sleep in her room but unfortunately Woody wants to be with us. The Maltese never sheds so having him sleep upstairs is no problem. Because he never sheds he is great for people with dog allergies, another reason why we chose a Maltese. Woody needs to be groomed monthly and combed daily. The most common cut for the Maltese is called "the puppy cut," which involves trimming or shaving the entire body (skirt, legs/paws, chest, and head fur) to one short length. We also have to clean his eyes with warm water to avoid tear stains daily and wash his little face after dinner. His coat is so white and apparently wet food can stain if you don’t wash it away.

Woody has been really good with the children, I’m a childminder so there will always be children around him. We never leave him unattended with the children and never will, more for the fact that they might poke him or something and he might snap back. The children are lovely and very gentle with him but I’m definitely not taking any chances. I work with my husband so I have plenty of help, my daughter and son are great and they have been helping too.

Walking Woody has been funny, we get a few yards and he stops and lies down. I managed to get a bit further before I picked him up and he’s quite relaxed when he’s out. It’s his collar and harness he doesn’t like, he’s just going to have to get used to it. So far all the dogs he’s met have been friendly, Woody has no reason to not be friendly back, I hope it stays this way. I’m worried about any dogs going for him, this will make him nervous and less friendly. Woody is so delicate if a big dog grabs hold of him I dread to think. My last dog was small but tough, he loved dogs until one went for him for no reason. Some dogs are just nasty and their owners often don’t have them on leads even though it’s the law. I’ve been told not to pick him up if a dog comes over as it will make Woody nervous, but if a big dog comes over that’s not on a lead I’m picking him up and protecting him. He’s too important to take any risks. What would you do? I won’t let the children ever take him out alone just in case.

I’m so happy we have Woody, I am worried, but I worry about everything. It’s been a wonderful two weeks of fluffy love and I’m looking forward to lots of family fun together this year with our little dog.

I will post again soon to let you know how Woody is getting on. If you want to follow him daily don’t forget to follow his Instagram.


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