• By Amanda Blackburn.

Yoga Magic!

Yoga is so much more than stretching. The ancient arts of yoga and meditation help you to connect with yourself, connect to the world around you, connect with nature and with other people.

In the beginning, your practice isn’t always easy. Learning to connect and listen to your body takes time and practice. The incredibly challenging postures you have to hold while mastering the correct breathing techniques can lessen the full yoga benefits.

Regular practice will soon have you benefiting the magic of yoga. In the beginning, I only managed to practice for an hour a week, after a month I could notice a big difference. As you become more comfortable in your body, you grow stronger and more confident doing the poses regularly, allowing space for mental and emotional growth.

I have been practising yoga for almost 8 years. I try to practice twice a week but sometimes I only manage one hour. It’s been a slow journey for me but I’ve not been in a rush. I understand yoga more now than I ever have. I have become more conscious, every breath has a greater significance, I now understand why I am moving my body into these positions and what areas it helps. I can now create the right amount of space in my body, which in turn creates space in my mind.

As we create more space in the mind, the mind becomes clearer, less sluggish and less burdened by mundane thoughts. This clarity brings on a profound sense of peace, of being content with all that we are in that moment, not desperately clinging onto the past, or seeking answers from the future.

Throughout my practice and at the end of my practice during meditation, I like to think positively. During meditation at the end of my class, I thank myself and my body for allowing me to practice. This may sound silly but honestly, it really helps. I tell my mind that I will take all the energy obtained throughout my class with me and reach into it when I need it through the week.

When you practice with positivity it helps enhance the overall practice and can lead to far more transformative results. For example, if you’ve got an important day ahead and you set an intention along the lines of “I am confident and empowered”, you’ll bring this energy from the mat, into your day. You don’t even have to move your body, you can actually set a daily intention every morning when you wake and it will have the same effect.

I would like to encourage anyone who hasn’t practised yoga before to have a try this year. If you are already practising learn to become a more conscious yogi. My husband is finally joining me this week at a local class. I’ve been trying to get him to practice for many years. He is suffering from neck and backache regularly. Most of his problems are stress related. His dad has got Alzheimer’s and it’s breaking his heart to see his dad become a stranger. I know if he sticks to yoga it will help him so much. I’ve told him to have no expectations and to be patient with the process.

If you would like to ask any yoga related questions, please feel free to either pop it in the comment bar below or DM me on Instagram, link here.


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