• By Amanda Blackburn.


Shrinkles make the perfect Christmas gift for little craft lovers.

There are so many different sets available, I was sent two bumper sets and two mini sets to review.

The mini sets are the perfect size for Christmas stockings. If you have excited children like mine putting a mini set in their stocking might just give you that extra half an hour in bed while they sit colouring. My parents used to always put something crafty in our stockings. We would always have to wait until my Nan came round before we could go downstairs and open our presents. This seemed like a long wait but the toy or craft in my stocking would keep me entertained.

The sets are suitable for children ages 5+ and are available in so many different designs.

These are the sets we were sent: There are more sets available HERE Shrinkles Dinosaurs Bumper Box.

This great bumper box makes 28 Dinosaur Shrinkles. The set includes dinosaur sheets to colour, coloured pencils, badges, key fobs, fridge magnets, figurines, pencil toppers, jewellery and even more!

Wizard Wiggly Eyed Bugs Magic Shrinkles.

This bumper kit makes 18 plus Shrinkles and includes twelve colouring pencils, badges, key fobs, figurines, pencil toppers, jewellery and lots more, all with wiggly eyes.

Playful Puppy Mini Pack.

This mini set includes a few sheets of cute puppies to colour, cut and shrink. Includes colouring pencils, figurine accessories and a backyard scene to display your creations.

Magical Unicorn Mini Pack.

This mini set includes mystical unicorns for you to colour, cut and shrink. Includes rainbow coloured pencils, a background scene and figurine accessories.

How to shrink:

•Pre-heat your oven to 350° F/ 175ºC (Gas Mark 3)

•Colour in a picture using the Shrinkles pencils included in the pack.

•Cut around your Shrinkle drawings with a pair of scissors.

•Decide what to turn your Shrinkle into.

*You will need a hole punch if you are making keyrings. Cut a hole no less than 7mm from the edge of the drawing*

Adult cooking instructions.

•Line a cool baking tray with foil and place Shrinkles onto the baking tray in the centre of the oven and watch as the Shrinkle drawings begin to SHRINK 7 times smaller and 7 times thicker than the original!

Once the Shrinkles have completely shrunk and flattened in the oven, remove the tray from the oven and leave to cool.

Our Shrinkle tips: Use the pencils included in the set to colour in your picture, we tried felts and they smudged. The pencils included, give the best colouring results. Also don’t colour too heavily and be careful that you don’t lean on the areas you have already coloured.

We were sent the Shrinkle sets to review as usual all thoughts and opinions remain our own.


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