• By Amanda Blackburn.

Ravensburger Break free game

Ravensburger Break free game is something a bit different from most normal board games for children aged 6+ Find out what we thought of this fun lock-picking, speed game in our review below:

What’s inside the box:

• Four sets of handcuffs with covers chains and lockpicks.

• Four green, yellow and red slots.

• 12 tokens.

• 1 playing instruction.

The game is quick and easy to set up:

Simply place all the coloured tokens number face up in the middle of the table and give each player a cuff with chain and lockpick, a red, green and yellow insert.

Each player starts by placing one of the cuffs around their arm. We found it easier to keep the hand free that we write with so we cuffed our other arm. The free hand starts by trying to unpick the lock with the lockpick. There are 3 lock levels that are played in order of easiest first. We all started with the easiest (green slot). The green piece slotted into the lock easily. We then had to close our cuffs around our wrists and chain the cuffs together.

The race was on to try and pick our locks first and break free of the cuffs. The first go took us about three minutes, my son Zac was first to free himself, I was second and the other two players were seconds between each other. It was so exciting and was funny to see the children panic when under pressure.

Because Zac came first he got to pick the highest green coloured number token. I was second so I got to pick the next highest and the other players in order of who got themselves free first.

Play then continued the same but with the red insert, and finally the hardest yellow. Once we had completed all three inserts we had to add up the numbered tokens that we had picked up in order of the highest number for who freed themselves first. The tokens all have different numbers on. We added up the scores and announced a winner.

Picking the green lock felt fairly easy but picking the red and yellow locks were a bit more difficult. The coloured lock pieces have different maze methods for each piece. It’s not easy to memorise the locks so I’m sure when we play it again it will be just as much fun. It’s not just a case of putting in the key and jiggling it about, but more lifting, turning, pushing, then lifting again in the correct direction to unlock it. If you really do get stuck then don’t worry because there is the fast open slot at the bottom of each handcuff.

You need at least two players to play and the maximum is four players. It takes on average 15/20 minutes to complete all three rounds.

I would definitely recommend this game for children aged 6+ but I wouldn’t pay £24.99 as it’s listed in most shops as I think that’s a bit overpriced. I have seen the game in the sale for £14.99. It’s definitely worth £14.99.

I would like to thank Ravensburger for sending us this game to review. As always all thoughts and opinions remain our own.


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