• By Amanda Blackburn.

Instagram for Dummies!

In this weeks Instagram post I will be showing you how to manage your Instagram insights, how to change your Instagram account from personal to business and how to go live.

Instagram Insights help you to see how well your posts are performing and provide information on your followers. Your insights can tell you what time and days your followers are usually online. Insights can also tell you how a specific post or story you've created is performing and how people are engaging with your post. You can view insights on posts, stories and your overall account.

To check your insights you have to have a business account, you won’t have any insight options on a personal account.

If you would like to change your Instagram personal account to a business account simply follow these easy instructions:

• Go to your profile page and tap the three little lines in the top right-hand corner.

• Tap on settings

• Tap Switch to Business Profile

You can also connect your account to your Facebook Page this will gather information from your Facebook and give you the option of adding your Facebook contacts to your Instagram account.

• Then tap done, it’s as simple as that!

Now you have a business account I can show you how to view your insights.

Firstly click on the profile visits part as shown below:

This is what you will see:

As you can see in the screenshot images it’s very clear and easy to understand. This shows your activity.

Check out your content next by clicking the content button as demonstrated below:

As you can see in the images you can view your recent posts and stories to see how well they are performing and how many people they have reached.

Next, check your audience by clicking on your audience as shown below:

As you can see you can see it shows where your followers are from, their age range, their gender and the hours they are usually online.

If you click on the day's button as shown below it will change from hours to days. You can then post your photos and videos when your followers are most likely to be online, this will help your posts get more notice.

How to go live.

To start a live broadcast on Instagram:

• Tap on your story in the top left of your screen.

• Tap Live at the bottom of the screen, then tap Start Live Video.

You can also ask to join a friend's live video that you're watching:

• Tap request when you see the option to join their live video.

• Tap send request and wait till your request is accepted.

• Once accepted you can join their live videos and send live messages

In my next week's post, I will be showing you how to use the other Instagram story options, text functions mention, polls and text frames.


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