• By Amanda Blackburn.

I KNOW family quiz game.

I KNOW is a new family quiz game by Tactic games for 2-6 players age 12+

Can you win by knowing what others know?

In this family trivia game, every generation has a chance to win because the questions are carefully selected to suit all players.

The choice of questions are from these four categories;

Entertainment. Sports. Science and nature. The 2000s

All players have an equal chance of winning by knowing what the other players know and making the right bet.

How well do your family or friends know you?

Get ahead by answering as many questions correctly from your chosen category. Once you ahead earn extra points by guessing what the other players know and making the right bet.

The winner is the player who has the highest points at the end of the game.

We put the game to the test;

The game was easy to set up and took minutes.

You can choose to play a quick or normal game. The table below gives helps you to decide;

There were four of us and we played the normal way so we had 16 cards. Gameplay was about 30 minutes.

Each player is given one coloured I KNOW token, two I BET tokens (one with a green tick and one with a red cross on) and three white scoring chips.

There are white and black scoring chips. The white is worth one point and the black is worth five points. You win the chips throughout gameplay. The winner is the player with the highest score at the end of the game.

The oldest player starts the game, unfortunately, this was me, I had to choose a category to start and try to answer the question. I chose The 2000s category as I thought I had a good chance of answering a question from recent times....my memory isn’t great!

Here is an example of one of the cards;

Each card has the categories on each side, so each card includes all the categories. The categories are represented by red, yellow, blue and green.

Because I went first by choosing a category the player on my left drew the card and read the question to me along with the four answer options. The reader isn’t allowed to look at the answers just yet!

Whilst I was deciding my answer, the other players each made a bet with their I BET tokens by placing them on either side of the game board. They had to bet on my answer, would I guess correctly or incorrectly?

Once the other players had placed their bets I was then able to put my coloured I KNOW token on the answering space (A, B, C or D) that matches my answer.

The other players then had to decide if I had answered the question correctly. One player thought I had answered correct but the other two players thought I had answered incorrectly. The two players that thought I had guessed incorrect both placed one of their white scoring chips on the answer they thought it would be. If I was wrong and they were right they could gain some extra points.

The reader then read the correct answer out loud. I was correct and so was one of the other players. The player who had guessed correctly and had placed their bet on me getting the answer right scored 1 point and I scored 2 points for getting the answer right. I wouldn’t have got any points if I had answered incorrectly. The other two players lost 1 point each for answering incorrectly. They also lost the scoring chips they had placed on the answer they thought it was. They had only placed one of their chips on the board luckily not two. We then discarded that card and moved on to the next player.

Gameplay continued this way until all the cards were gone. When all the cards were gone we all added up our scores, I didn’t win but I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game.

I played the game with my son 22, my daughter 15 and her boyfriend 15. The game is aimed at players age 12+. Some of the questions were quite hard but I think that the age range for this game is correct. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the pieces are made well.

The only thing that I could fault with this game is that although it mentions the black scoring chips in the instructions being worth 5 points it doesn’t mention what you should do with them throughout the game. I’m not sure if Tactic games have printed the instructions out incorrect and have missed this out. The instructions also don’t mention how you score, we used paper and pen to write down our scores, or what you should do if you lose all your white chips before the cards have run out. We just couldn’t place a bet once our chips were all gone, therefore we couldn’t earn extra points. Next time we play we will have 5 chips each instead, I think this will work better.

We all really enjoyed playing this game and would like to thank Tactic games for sending it to us to review. I think this game would make a wonderful gift for children aged 12 and above this Christmas. I think it’s great to play family games throughout the Christmas period and this game is fun for adults too. As always all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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