• By Amanda Blackburn.

How Instagram works 2018!

2016 was the year when Instagram introduced the algorithm. Introducing the algorithm meant that all posts were no longer seen in chronological time. Posts are now in order of the most recent posts, instead of in order of ranking.

This change wasn’t great for lots of influencers, their work was affected because it changed the interactions they were receiving on posts.

Introducing the algorithm wasn’t all bad though, introducing it meant that we could see posts from our family and friends again. When the posts used to appear chronologically, we were missing about 70 per cent of the content on our own feeds. That meant we were missing our friends and families posts. Thanks to the change to the algorithm, (no more ranked feeds) we are now seeing 90 per cent of images or videos from family and friends and our feeds are no longer dominated by posts that post regularly or are ranked higher.

The algorithm works by using machine learning, (artificial intelligence using computer systems that learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions). Machine learning tells Instagram to serve up the posts from your historical usage - what type of posts you have liked and interacted with in the past, and who the post is from.

If you use it regularly your Instagram will soon become personalised to you, this will help you see the people you like to interact with. Whom you are interacting will no longer be missed.

The things that determine whom you are interacting with and predict your algorithm are from post likes, comments, insta story interactions and post times. If you already have Facebook, Instagram will use the data already established from Facebook to find your friends so you can see their posts on Instagram.

Instagram stories also work in a similar way by looking at the same signals. What interests you? What Instagram relationships you have with certain people? What times and days do you post? How long are you watching certain stores or different stories and do you click to their next part of the story? Your stories are also monitored taking into account how many segments are watched in a story. This determines the ranking of who has watched your stories and will help you be able to interact with the people that are interested in you by allowing you to see their posts.

Instagram stories provide opportunities for you to allow your non-followers and followers to get to know you better. This helps grow your audience. When you add short videos or images to your profile with Instagram stories they are live for 24 hours unless you decide to delete it before. I will be writing about how to manage your Instagram stories next week so look out for my post.


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