• By Amanda Blackburn.

Instagram spreads kindness!

My favourite social media site is Instagram. Instagram brings the whole world together through photos and videos this encourages the art of thinking independently together.

I’ve been using Instagram for a couple of years now, I’ve become IG friends with lots of wonderful people from all over the world. It’s definitely a place I like to go when I need to cheer myself up or take my mind off things. It’s so much fun, I can even go live with people in live videos. Instagram is always adding new features to keep things interesting, I don’t think I will ever get bored.

But apparently, Instagram hasn’t always been such a pleasurable experience for everyone. Bullying is always happening, especially on social media. A few months ago Instagram introduced a bullying comment filter to proactively detect and hide bullying comments from Feed, Explore and Profile.

Instagram support anti-bullying and want their community to be safe for everyone. That’s why Instagram introduced the filter and have also found new tools to help combat bullying on their platform. The new tools can identify and report bullying in photos.

Another filter has also been introduced to comments on live videos to ensure that Live remains free from bullying. This is now globally available for all live videos.

The Instagram Community Operations team are currently using machine learning technology to proactively detect bullying in photos and their captions. When bullies are detected Instagram don’t tolerate and they are removed.

Eliminating these bullies can help us protect the Instagram community, especially the younger IG community. Teenagers experience higher rates of bullying online, my teenage daughter has had past problems. My daughter is on Instagram and I want to protect her. I try to share positivity in my posts to encourage kindness. It’s so important to inspire kindness.

Maddie Ziegler, best-selling teen author, dancer and actor, has experienced her fair share of bullying. Maddie uses Instagram to promote positivity and has been speaking out against online bullying since she started experiencing it. If you follow Maddie, you will have the camera effect automatically.

  • How to use the camera effect.

  • swipe to open the camera

  • tap the face icon at the bottom

  • choose the new camera effect

Hearts appear and fill the screen in selfie mode, you then can tag a friend you want to support. Your friend will receive a notification that you mentioned them in your story. They can then share it to their story or use the camera effect to spread kindness to someone else.

Try switching to the rear camera, you will then see an overlay of kind comments in many languages. If you aren’t a follower of Maddie but you see someone else with the effect, tap “try it” to add it to your camera.

My daughter will soon be 16 and has had a few problems with bullying on Instagram. Luckily she’s talked to me about it and I’ve encouraged her to just block the bullies (If only you could eliminate all bullies from your life this way.) Not all people talk about being bullied, maybe I should have encouraged my daughter to report them before blocking, these bullies will only go and find someone else to pick on.

It’s nice to know that Instagram is trying to help protect her and others.


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