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My 10 Top Beauty Tips!

I can’t believe I will be 44 this December. Time just keeps flying by so quickly. I’m trying hard to keep myself fit and healthy. I’m determined to age gracefully and feel good about myself throughout the ageing process. In my youth I hardly ever wore makeup and I certainly couldn’t be bothered to cleanse, tone and moisturise. As I have matured I have picked up some wonderful tricks from some very glamorous ladies. These beauty tricks have helped me look better and feel better. I’m not a makeup expert and I have very little time to spend, or actually don’t want to spend much time applying layers of makeup. I just haven’t got the patience, and If I’m honest I don’t like the fake airbrushed look. I’ve had it done and I didn’t look like me, I couldn’t wait to get the layers off and let my skin breathe again. However, unfortunately I do need to wear makeup, if I’ve gone out without it I’ve had comments of concern for my health. People asking if I’m feeling ok? I’m 43, I’ve aged, like we all do, unless I hide myself under fake layers or fill my face with Botox, this is real life! I have always had dark circles under my eyes. I’ve tried so many different eye creams over the years, I’ve never found a cream or gel that reduce my dark circles, although they have helped reduce the wrinkles around my eyes. I have wrinkles that just appeared on my 40th Birthday, my skin has blemishes and my skin tone is patchy. Another gift I was given when I hit 40 is the worst, hair starting growing on my face. Listening to all this, no wonder I’ve had a bit of a midlife crisis, but I suppose I’ve got my health so I shouldn’t moan. Anyway, you get the picture! Enough of the moaning. I’ve found a way of helping myself and I would like to share my simple beauty tips with you. Tip 1. Weekly shave! I shave my legs every week, and other areas too. Even in the winter when I’m not really getting my legs out. Invest in a good razor. I use the disposable ones as they are more hygienic and definitely give a smoother finish. I usually spend about £4 on a pack of 3 and they last me a couple of months.

As you age your skin becomes more sensitive so you may need to find a razor with aloe Vera strips or a special coating. I feel better in myself for shaving, doing it weekly keeps on top of it. So many of my friends are always moaning about having hairy legs, it makes their legs itch and they feel so much sexier when their legs are smooth. I keep telling them to get into a weekly routine, once they have got used to doing it weekly it’s just like brushing your teeth.

Tip 2. Get rid of your facial hair! This is something that can often be quite painful and scary, but not for me anymore. The last month I have found a little gadget that gets rid of your facial hair perfectly without any pain. No more painful threading for me! I’ve had threading for the last 3 years because waxing makes my skin rash. I don’t mind threading on my eyebrows but on my face, ouch, it’s not been a pleasant experience. This gadget is called a Tinkle... don’t ask me why it’s called this? Anyway it’s looks and sounds scary but I 100% guarantee it’s not. It’s like a very fine little razor that magically makes your facial hair disappear. It doesn’t make your hair on your face come back thicker and quicker when you use this. My friend has been using it once a month for 3 years now and it’s not increased her hair growth anymore than waxing or threading does. Once you start to get facial hair it will keep growing until you get rid of it. I was told that removing it would make it worse, this isn’t true, once it comes it will keep coming I’m afraid so there is no easy way around this. I purchased a pack of 3 from eBay that cost me £1.99, I’ve not seen them in any shops only Amazon and EBay.

Tip 3. Find yourself a good fake tan that suits your skin. I swear by my Skinny Tan, I use the medium tone, there are lots of shades available. I always use it once a week and it gives me some colour. Another thing I love about this product is that it tones and tightens my skin and gives my skin a weekly moisturise. The tan seems to lock the moisture in all week and it has stopped me getting dry skin. Make sure to apply in the morning and wash off before bed, this gives the cream time to absorb into your skin and it makes it last all week. Skinny tan can only be purchased online or from Superdrug.

Tip 4. Get a foundation skin match. I go into Boots 3-4 times a year when the seasons change or when my foundation needs replacing. My skin tones change with the seasons and most people’s do. A good Foundation covers up skin blemishes, skin pigmentation, dark circles, flushed cheeks and can also hide spots or at least tone them down. Get advice from a professional and get the correct foundation to suit your skin type. Ask for samples of the ones you want to try before purchasing to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin. I currently use the NO7 lift and luminate foundation, I absolutely love it as it gives me a healthy natural glow whilst hiding all my blemishes and dark circles.

Tip 5. The correct eyeshadow colour and texture is so important if you want to accentuate your eyes with the help of makeup. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, if you use the correct shade and finish you will max out your entire look. There are lots of colour guides online that help you find the shades that suit your eye colour. It’s also important to find the right type of eyeshadow. When I was younger I used to use pigmented powdered shadows but as my eyes have aged I use a cream eyeshadow. I only use a little bit as heavy layers highlight my wrinkles more.

Tip 6. Be proud of your eyebrows, have them shaped and tinted regularly. I usually get mine shaped three times a year. I pluck the weekly grow backs in between appointments and I tint them myself. I use a light brown tint, it’s so easy to tint them yourself and saves a lot of money over a year. I purchase my tint and peroxide from a local beauty warehouse. It lasts a whole year and costs £11. If you would like me to tell you how to do it drop me a message below. If you do get yours tinted for the first time go lighter first as if they are not dark enough another coat can be applied, but if they are dark you will have to wait for them to fade which can take a couple of weeks. Tip 7. Prime your skin before you use foundation. I’ve tried so many and up until now I didn’t think using a primer was helping. I received a free sample with my last foundation purchase and wow! NO7 Airbrush Away Primer is definitely one of my favourite products. All my fine lines and wrinkles disappear and it keeps my foundation in place all day, even after a heavy workout.

Tip 8. Use a weekly face mask and always take your makeup off before bed. Find the correct product that suits your skin. I use charcoal facial wipes to freshen my face in the morning and to remove my makeup. I have very sensitive skin and these are the only wipes that don’t bring me out in a rash, I also use a charcoal mud mask. Since using Charcoal products my spots have disappeared.

Tip 9. Moisture your face and eyes morning and night. I use the Aldi Lacura skincare range. It’s excellent value for the money and it works as good as some very expensive brands. I currently use the Q10 renew anti-wrinkle night cream. I use it twice a day morning and night. I sometimes get the day cream for the morning but I can’t really tell the difference as they both do the same job. Aldi’s Expert double effect eye gel is absolutely brilliant. I use it every morning and night, it’s reduced my dark circles slightly but it helps the wrinkles around my eyes so much and keeps my eyes tight and moisturised all day. Tip 10. Make your eyelashes longer by purchasing a good mascara. If you haven’t got any eyelashes go treat yourself and get them lengthened by a skilled beautician. My mum is in her 70s and used to pick her eyelashes out. She has recently had eyelash extensions and they look absolutely wonderful. I’m reluctant to get mine done yet, my eyelashes are still quite long and thick and I’m not sure if I will weaken them if I have extensions. Any advice or experience with this? Drop your comment in the bar below.

*IMPORTANT* Don’t keep your makeup past it’s after opening date. Hanging onto products past their expiry dates isn’t very good for you. Your products harbor bacteria when using them frequently. If your beauty products get infected it can lead to infections and irritations. If your products have past the opening dates they don’t perform as well. After a while, products can actually produce harmful toxins that can be dangerous to your health as well as your skin. Always keep these things in mind and remember to mark a date you opened your products and use up before it’s time. What’s your favourite beauty product?

I wasnt sent any of these products to review and this post isnt sponsered in anyway. ​


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