• By Amanda Blackburn.

Junior Labyrinth, maze game.

Junior Labyrinth, is a maze game with twelve different treasures to find along the moving paths. Junior Labyrinth by Ravensburger is the beginner's version of the Labyrinth game series.

Can your little ghost open new ways and scurry through the halls to the hidden treasures?

How to play;

Each player has a turn to control how the labyrinth walls move by moving one card tile that hasn’t been placed on the Labyrinth.

Each turn, each player takes the free labyrinth tile and pushes it along one of the rows marked with an arrow on the game board.

By moving the tile with this action it pushes the other tiles one space, popping one tile out of the labyrinth to be used on the next players turn.

When the walls shift the player hopes to be able to move his token along the paths to land on the treasure currently being sought If the player is successful the treasure sought can be claimed and a new card is revealed; if not, play continues until someone grabs that treasure.

Once all the treasure has been collected, the game ends and whoever collected the most treasure wins!

The game is suitable for children Age 5-8 years and is for 2 - 4 Players.

The game is not appropriate for children under the age of 3.

Playing time is about 15 minutes.

The box contains;

  • 1 Game board

  • 17 maze cards

  • 12 secret chips

  • 4 ghost

  • I was sent this game for free to review with my 7-year-old son Zac. On opening the box we both liked the look of the game board, we have no other games like this so it looked excitingly different. The game board is made from strong cardboard and it has a nice matt finish.

Zac found this game very interesting and it challenged him for a change. I haven’t been playing strategy games with Zac for a while and he definitely needed to remind his brain, to begin with. It only took a little bit of reminding and luckily the game instructions are clear and easy to follow. After one practice game, Zac was well away picking up the treasure.

The only thing that annoyed Zac and me during play was that the maze cards kept getting stuck when we were sliding them. We did find a way around this though by simply holding the board down before you slide the maze cards around and making sure the cards are aligned in their columns.

Zac has asked we get this game out to play with his friends this Halloween, he thinks it’s perfect to play at our yearly house party because of the ghost characters. I think it’s a great game for Halloween too and would definitely recommend.

Disclosure: We have received this game to do an honest review.


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