• By Amanda Blackburn.

Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

This weekend my son Zac and I had some scientific fun with the Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab.

The Lab encourages learning through science and is aimed at children Ages 5 - 9. Inside the box are two creatures inside little pods that can be revealed scientifically.

Also inside the box;

• Two Classification Cards

• Two double-sided Mini-posters featuring amazing science facts and fun images

• Two Hydroplungers

• Two Beakers

• Liquid Reactor Super Lab base

• A set of tongs and a stirring rod

• Instruction guide with five experiments

• Full-size poster of the creatures for display

There are 35 Creatures to collect, from five different planets, five of these are rare 24-carat Creatures.

First, my son Zac got all the things out of the box and identified them using the instruction guide, I then helped Zac to set up the laboratory by putting the pieces in the correct places. Zac then read the first experiment to me. He found the instructions clear and easy to understand. Zac unwrapped one of the pods and using the tongs he dropped it into the chamber. Zac then had to fill each beaker with water from the tap. Next Zac filled the plunges by carefully pouring the water from the beakers.

Zac found this very entertaining and loved finding out what creature he had revealed and thought the bubbles and fizz it created was cool.

The next step is to identify the creature from one of the classification forms. The Beaker Creature Zac unveiled is called Clomp and he is a Minisaurus. Zac then had to observe his creature and a write down the correct information that the card asks for about each creature. Zac and I read the 4 questions from the little science fact posters and guessed the answers.

This experiment teaches children a little bit about acids and bases. Included in each experiment is information to help children to understand. The information is short and sweet making it easy to remember. Here is the information included with the first experiment; Acids and bases react to make foam bubbles called carbon dioxide, the same gas that we breathe out.

Into the chamber went Zac’s second pod, he couldn’t wait to plunge the liquid into the chamber to reveal his second creature. When he’d carefully poured the coloured liquid into the plunges and pushed away the pod started to fizz and dissolve to reveal a purple alien called Cosmo. Zac and I identified the creature and read the space questions included on the little poster.

The water turned a fizzy dark brown, not orange like we were expecting. The pod that dissolved was green so it mixed with the two colours and that’s why it didn’t turn orange. I explained this to Zac, he had guessed orange and it would have been correct if green hadn’t also been added. We tried mixing the colours together without the creature in and it worked. I then read the information about primary colours with Zac.

We hadn’t got the things needed to do the next experiment but it sounds fun. It’s called Alien slime time and it teaches you how to make slime. You need glue, food colouring, shaving cream and contact solution. I look forward to making this with Zac once we have all the above.

The final two experiments were just as much fun. One is using baby oil and teaches children that oil and water don’t mix with another great explanation as to why. Zac’s favourite was the last experiment where you can create a whirlpool. Zac placed his creatures in the chamber and filled up the plungers with blue (food colouring) water. When Zac pressed the plungers one at a time it created a little vortex and his creatures began to spin. Again the information explained how this happens.

There are more experiments and reactor pods to collect they are available HERE.

We really liked the Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab. It’s fun, educational and is made of good strong hard wearing plastic. Learning resources have so many fun educational toys. This is the third toy I have reviewed from learning resources and all three have really impressed me.

You can read my other reviews from learning resources Botley and Pretend and play cash register.

We were sent Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab to review, as always all thoughts and opinions remain our own.


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