• By Amanda Blackburn.

The strangest place in the world!

I’ve been going on holiday to Anglesey Wales since I was a child. The beautiful Island holds so many childhood memories for me, my children, my parents, my grandparents and even my great grandparents.

The island is full of stunning coastal walks with breathtaking views and golden beaches with caves to explore. The fun I’ve had on the beach body boarding on the waves, building different things with the sand and exploring the rock pools. Every year I go I expect it to change but it never does, it remains peaceful and unspoilt with its narrow roads through the gently rolling countryside. My favourite thing about the island is the sunsets, nearly every evening of our break magic takes to the sky. Watching the sun drowning in the endless sea never fails to take my breath away and feel grateful to the earth for its true beauty. Once the sun has gone to sleep the sky turns into space and on clear nights you can make out just about every star in the sky.

In this post, I wanted to share something that has been a mystery to me for as long as I can remember. During our exploration of the island over the years we came across a secluded shingle beach that sits in the shelter of the rocky islets of Ynys y Fydlyn. Fydlyn (pronounced ‘Vudlin’) is located on the north-western corner of Anglesey and is tricky to find. We have always visited by car but you can find it along the coastal path. If going by car there is a small parking area located near the side of a road where a public footpath leads about ¾ mile across the sheep-grazed grass to the beach. Most of the land here belongs to the National Trust.

The shingle beach is set at the foot of a wooded valley and backs onto a small lake (Llyn y Fydlyn) which often dries up in summer. From the beach, you can see the rocky islets (Skerries) and Skerries Lighthouse itself in the distance. There are a few rockpools and even some caves to explore on the beach. I’ve never been in these caves as the tide has never been low enough for me to explore.

The Skerries are a group of sparsely vegetated rocky islets offshore from Carmel Head at the northwest corner of Anglesey, Wales. The islands are a breeding site for seabirds and can be visited by charter boat from Holyhead. The individual islets are accessible from one another at low tide and by small bridges, they attract divers, who come to visit the numerous shipwrecks. The Skerries Lighthouse sits atop the highest point in the islands.

For as long as I can remember every time I have visited this place, I feel a sense of something I have never felt before. I’m not a believer in things that aren’t scientifically explained but this place makes me feel strange. I can honestly say that I’ve never felt this way from anywhere I’ve visited before. I get a feeling of energy and heat, my heart feels like it’s going to pump out of my chest and I feel agitated. I want to explore the place more but I also feel scared and feel like I’m only allowed to stay for a short time. It’s the strangest feeling ever, I remember feeling the same as a child, I always asked my parents to take me but once down by the beach I felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

I’ve visited lots of different places around the world that are full of history and mystery, places where your mind could play tricks on you and make you feel something strange. I’ve been on lots of steeper walks and keep myself fit, I do get out of breath sometimes and my heart rate can pump on long walks, but it’s a different feeling from what I get when visiting Vudlin.

I’ve heard a few different tales about Vudlin from the local Welsh. Some say that a family of extremely tall people used to live in the trees. The other tale is that one of the Welsh pirates hid his loot in the caves or the lake. But I’ve researched online and can’t find anything about this mystical place. Maybe my feelings are brought on by myself because I have heard stories about the place? I’ve been telling myself this for years but if I’m honest I’m still not sure. I’ve heard many tales from the Welsh and my parents making exploring more fun over the years, but this is the only place that has this effect on me. Will I ever find out why I feel this way about this place?

All I could find out about Ynys-y-Fydlyn online was some archaeological information from COFLEIN (online database of the national collection of information about the historic environment of Wales). Coflein allows access to details of many thousands of archaeological sites, monuments, buildings and maritime sites in Wales. The information that was recorded from Coflein about Ynys-y-Fydlyn was more environmental than historic. The only curious thing that was recorded was a ridge visible from the mainland. The records suggest that part of the interesting ridge structure has been built up from earth. That means that the ridge has been formed by the planet, maybe an earthquake many years ago.

That’s all I could find along with various photos and general beach information.

This year we visited and saw one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. I will continue to visit this place every time I come to Anglesey. Will I ever find out why it makes me feel this way?

Have you ever been somewhere that makes you feel like this?


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