• By Amanda Blackburn.

Orchard Toys Mini Games

Orchard Toys have released travel games that are the perfect size for taking on trips and outings.

I was sent two travel games to review with the children I currently care for.

First game up for review;

Orchard Toys Build a Beetle Mini/Travel Game-suitable for ages 4-8 years and for 2-4 players.

Based on the classic game of Beetle, build a beetle features 4 fun and colour beetle characters. Starting with the body, players must match the beetle body parts in the correct order by using their number and colour matching skills.

The game is made from durable recycled board and has a wipe-clean finish. The compact size doesn’t affect game-play and it’s easy to pick the pieces up and see them clearly. The pieces are strong enough not to be blown away by the wind if playing outside. I really like this mini version, I have so many games I’m running out of storage so this fits perfectly into my cupboard.

This game has been designed and illustrated with education in mind. I use these games to help the children develop skills, this game has lots of educational benefits and plays value...making learning fun!

Educational benefits for this game are, mathematics (shape, counting and number recognition), understanding the world (colour, insect and theme) creativity (looking at the clever design of each beetle character), physical development (using fine motor skills to pick up pieces and put them in correct places, spinning the spinner), communication, language and literacy (listening to instructions, taking turns, and talking throughout game).

Inside the box!

4 nine-piece beetles 1 spinner board 1 two-part spinner (separate plastic arrow from the base and attach to spinner board)

I played this game with children aged 3, 4. 6 and 7. All children were able to play the game easily. None of the children got bored throughout the game and we have played it quite a few times now. The 3-year-old needed a bit of help fitting the pieces together but was able to do everything else perfectly.

The next mini-game we reviewed is Llamas In Pyjamas!

The well designed compact sturdy game is a fun matching game, featuring quirky llama characters wearing funky bright pyjamas. All the children loved playing this game. It is easy to play and isn’t about skill but about luck. Players must build as many llamas in pyjamas as possible before the sleeping llama picture is completed. If a player turns over a clock they have to discard one of their fully dressed llamas, when you think your in the lead with lots of fully dressed llamas you can suddenly find yourself with less. This adds a great twist to the game and certainly kept the children challenged.

The portable travel sized game is for 2 - 4 players and suitable for children aged 3-6 years.

The educational benefits for this game are, mathematics (counting how many dressed llamas you have) physical development (fine motor skills, picking up and placing) understanding of the world (animals, clothing design and bedtime) creative thinking (cool designs of llamas) communication, language and literacy (talking throughout the game, listening and following instructions) The game also helps children to develop matching and observation skills.

All the children (youngest 3) were able to play this game, even the older children enjoyed playing with the younger children.

What’s inside the box;

12 llama top cards 12 llama bottom cards 4 'a-llama-clock' cards 4 bedtime scene cards

The travel games are only £5.00 at Orchard Toys and are well worth the money. I recommend them as they are such a fun way of educating your children. As always all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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