• By Amanda Blackburn.

Thermomix Kids

Thermomix has launched a children’s version of the original Thermomix kitchen appliance that is used by Michelin star chefs.

The realistic, toy version brings imaginative play to real life and is perfect for children who want to emulate their parents and get creative in the kitchen.

I was asked to test out the new Thermomix Kids with my 7-year-old son Zac. In this post, we have reviewed Thermomix kids.

I’ve never heard of the Thermomix before so I knew nothing about the grown-up counterpart which is used in Michelin Star restaurants across the globe. Apparently, Thermomix kids are just like the real thing, the toy comes with essential cooking accessories and its own bespoke recipes. Thermomix Kids is a fully functioning toy that creates real recipes in the home.

The Easy-to-follow recipes that are programmed in are perfect at teaching children how to prepare, bake and taste their own creation. The Thermomix includes selected recipes from the recipe platform, Cookidoo. The recipes are found by pressing the Cook-Key button on the side, this includes a guided cooking function. Zac loved the way the picture instructions told him what to do. I thought that the clearly identifiable graphics and symbols were excellent and children of any reading ability would be able to understand the instructions presented on its digital screen.

So what can you make with the Cook-Key recipes?

Banana milkshake, strawberry yoghurt, chocolate milkshake, muffins and drinking chocolate.

On the video, we made the banana milkshake, strawberry milkshake and muffins.

We followed the instructions for the banana milkshake but added chopped strawberries instead of the banana. I encouraged Zac to come up with his own creation and that’s what he chose. You could change a few of the ingredients programmed and encourage creativity, add some raspberries and raspberry sauce to the yoghurt or milkshake. Being creative is a great way of teaching your children to experiment with different foods and taste. If it doesn’t taste good then they could try something else, when children make it themselves they are more likely to try it.

Thermomix Kids is battery operated, it takes 4 AA rechargeable batteries to power it, these are not included. It feels very light and is easy to move around, it is extremely durable as we have already dropped it and comes with a 24-month guarantee. Retailing at £54, it is built to last and can be used with its very own Cook-KeyÒ to whip up tasty snacks. Thermomix for Kids is safe to use under adult supervision.

The cool device also comes with a weighing mode and temperature function. The weighing and temperature mode function is just for play and not intended for cooking. Thermomix also includes five actual settings for rotation speed that can be adjusted and the time of the mixing can also be changed to suit. We found that the banana milkshake and strawberry milkshake needed more power and time to get it smooth. It depends what kind of texture your child likes, some like it completely smooth like my son or some like it with chunks of fruit. This helps children learn about time and texture.

So what did we think about this cool cooking gadget?

We really like it, it’s a great way to teach and encourage cooking with children. It’s made well, looks very realistic and is so easy to use. In fact, I’m going to be asking for the original grown-up version. I’m not the greatest cook so I would love to have something to help me be more experienced.

Thermomix is made by Vorwerk. Vorwerk has remained unchallenged in its level of expertise in the area of household appliances for more than 130 years. Founded in Wuppertal, Germany, Vorwerk is a family business that prides itself on manufacturing high quality, innovative products that makes life easier. Vorwerk’s UK brands include ultimate vacuum cleaner – Kobold and the premium food appliance – Thermomix®.

We were sent Thermomix kids for the purpose of review, as always all thoughts and opinions remain our own.


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