• By Amanda Blackburn.

Meditation for weight loss!

When most of us think about losing weight we think, weight loss = torture. We believe that losing weight takes hard work, dedication and pain. Researchers believe this propensity for self-torture may be related to the stigma around extra weight: Overweight people are believed to be “wrong” in our culture, so they must be forced to do their penance. Public health research has proven that shaming people into losing weight never works. Stigma is de-motivating and actually leads to greater relapse rates, depression, and severely compromised overall health.

When I was a child and throughout my teenage years I was overweight. I was put on so many different diets, it wasn’t a happy time for me. The more pressure I was put under the more weight I gained, at that time in my life I can definitely associate weight loss =torture.

I’m now 43 and feel very happy about the way I look. I eat well, don’t over exercise and feel like I’m completely in control of my body. I really believe that if I can feel better about myself then so can you. I’m not missing out on food and manage to fit exercise into my very busy lifestyle. I may look small now but most of my family struggle with their weight, they are not big but what I’m trying to say is... I’m not from a small family that is naturally small. I’m not cheating or trying to trick you into my diet, exercise plan but just trying to help you in a healthy way if you are feeling unhappy.

In 2007 I decided to study Exercise & Fitness at my local college. The knowledge I gained on this course helped me to rethink my lifestyle and after 2 years I qualified with a level 3. This qualification allows me to be a personal trainer. I didn’t have any intention of becoming a personal trainer I just wanted to gain more knowledge in health and fitness.

Studying health and fitness has been life-changing for me. I wasn’t eating properly throughout my teenage years if I knew then what I knew now things would have been different. I’m not going to moan about it though, we have to have the lows in life to get us to where we need to be in life. The lows are life lessons!

If you are unhappy with yourself and want to make yourself feel better, I would really like to help you. Before you start with any diet or exercise I would like for you to focus on yourself first. I will help you to be able to do this with some meditation. Meditation can help us all to become aware of what’s going on inside our heads. If we start to notice the unhelpful automatic thoughts and our emotional state we can rewire the soundtrack in our minds, and guide ourselves to a healthier mind and body.

I love meditation, I definitely didn’t to start, it seemed impossible to zone out, I thought I would never be able to clear my mind. It took a while but with lots of practice, I got there in the end. You can do it too;

Find a quiet place, light a candle if you like and have low lighting in the area of your choice. Sit on a comfortable seat or on the floor on cushions, whatever is comfortable for you. If you would like extra meditation tips, read my short post here;

Follow these steps;

• Notice your breath. • focus on yourself sitting and all of the sensations you feel whilst in this position. • focus on the positive and negative—that exist here. • Observe how sitting surrounds your existence in your body, what are your thoughts? How do your sensations feel? What does your shape feel like, good or bad? • Do you feel fit or tired? • Do your clothes feel too big or too small? • Do you feel heavy in the hips, are you aware of the size or shape of other features of your body?

Keep focusing on your breathing if your mind starts to wander away from these thoughts, this will help bring you back.

• What are your judgements around those sensations? • Do you feel you need to work harder on your healthy eating or exercise, or both? • What do you like most about your body, what do you like least? • What type of exercise do you enjoy if any?

You need to really focus on yourself, ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable with who you are. Notice what’s making you feel so negative. What are your personal judgements? Remember to look within yourself without becoming entangled in the emotions associated with them.

When you are aware of your feelings you are now ready to consider how you might move through your day differently. You are now in a stronger body, meditation gives you power, in this body you have now, you are ready to stop all the judgements you have of yourself.

In your new body, how will you feed yourself differently, how will you move differently, how will you interact differently? Spend some time throughout your meditation noticing all the changes, what you will be doing in your day, in your life without the judgements including the changes in your health and in the deeper facets of your life.

I usually spend about 30 minutes meditating but you can spend as little or as long as you feel is needed. Before you can make any changes to your diet and lifestyle you need a clear vision in your mind of your new body happiness. This new body you are now focusing on throughout your meditation is yours, it is you!

I didn’t rush, I just took my time, I knew I needed to find a way forward that I could continue with, a way of keeping fit and eating healthy that wasn’t torture, Thanks to meditation I was able to focus clearly and understand why I hadn’t been successful before and finally do something about it!

Once you have practiced the meditation steps and feel ready to make this new you happen, read my diet and new you post here;


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