• By Amanda Blackburn.

Dobble Animals and Ticket To Ride First Journey!

This month the Blogger Board Game Club sent me two games to review.

Dobble Animals and Ticket To Ride First Journey!

First up for review is Dobble Animals;

Well if you have been reading my posts you will know how much I love the original game Dobble. Well, this month The Blogger Board Game Club have sent me another version called Dobble 'Animals'. It’s played in the same way as the original Dobble and is just as good.

Like the original Dobble you simply have to race your opponent to match the identical animal between cards. There are over 50 animals, 55 cards and always only one matching animal between any two cards.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, this version is a lot more challenging than the original version. It might be because we are familiar with the original version but for some reason, it seemed more difficult to see the difference between the animal images than the original Dobble game object images. The animals are all different in size like the old version making them more difficult to spot, sometimes you see it straight away but other times you just can’t spot it quick enough. It’s so much fun playing it though, my 7-year-old son gives me a good game and often wins.

There are 5 mini-games to enjoy, that are included in the instruction manual. The gameplay is for 2-8 players and playtime is around 15 minutes. The games suggested age is 6+ although I play this with younger children by altering the play to make it easier. If you want tips on this I have included them HERE.

This game has an easy concept to understand. Improves concentration and playing games together fosters a healthy competitive spirit.

The game comes in a compact tin and is perfect for play dates, small parties, on the plane, and is small enough to pop in your handbag for travel.

We really love the latest edition from Asmodee, Dobble animals, we’ve had great fun exploring the new pictures and playing the different mini-games and of course the classic way.

Ticket To Ride First Journey!

If I’m honest, I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing this one. I already have the more advanced version that I reviewed earlier in the year and I really didn’t like the game, it was too long and boring. However, I found this version really simple and I really liked the large colourful board with a map of Europe on and bold bright cities, with visual depictions of what you might find there.

How to play.

Each player chooses a colour and has 20 trains for their team. You get a mixture of train cards, tickets and coast to coast bonuses. The golden ticket is for the winner. Once you have your cards, if you have enough for one route, you play the cards and lay your trains down on that route. If you manage to get across a certain route you get the ticket.

Inside The Box


• 1 Game Board • 80 Plastic Trains • 72 Train Cards • 32 Ticket Cards • 4 Bonus Ticket Cards & 1 “Golden Ticket” Card • 1 Rulesheet

Game Information

• 2-4 Players • Age 6+ • 15-30 minutes

We actually enjoyed playing this version of the game. In First Journey, the routes are shorter, train cards are drawn straight from the deck, and the game ends when one player completes six tickets, claiming the Golden Ticket as their prize. The gameplay is shorter than the older version and it only took us 20 minutes to play. I think this is long enough for a game, especially with 6-year-olds and for me as I’m not a gamer geek.

I will definitely be using this game to help cement the geography and capital cities in my children’s minds. It’s a great fun way of developing geographic skills in younger children.

We were sent Dobble Animals and Ticket To Ride First Journey for the purpose of review, all thoughts and opinions remain our own.


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