• By Amanda Blackburn.

Superhero Lotto!

Last week we received the new Superhero Lotto game from Orchard Toys.

The new lotto game is a super-powered memory and matching game featuring four fun superheroes with special powers.

Superhero Lotto is suitable for children ages 3-7 and is for 2-4 Players.

The game is played similarly to other lotto games that are available from Orchard games, is of great quality and is really easy to set up and play. The 4 strong cardboard lotto cards and 24 cardboard item cards all pack nicely inside a small compact card box for storage. The pictures on the cards are colourful and fun encouraging gameplay.

Children can develop their memory skills during gameplay, will they remember where their picture card is after one of the other players has already turned it over? The Items on the tiles range from kites to umbrellas, can the children match the correct picture to their card?

During gameplay, the picture cards can be used to encourage discussion about the different items. Each superhero has a healthy favourite food, this can help endorse healthy eating. I’m always telling the children they will have superpowers when they are older if they eat healthy food, this game is a great way of reminding them.

The four different child superheroes all have their own special powers which make them unique. I encourage the children in my care to be proud of their individuality and this game is a great way to help them understand this quality. When we had finished playing the game we made up superhero stories together using the characters from the game.

You can also get creative with this game, get the children to invent their own superheroes stories. The superhero fact files on the reverse of the boards help the children to find out more information about their chosen superhero and can also help encourage ideas of how to make up your own Superhero character.

The boards are double sided which means the game can be played in two ways, using illustrated or blank tiles for a more challenging level of play. The game also includes an easy to follow instruction leaflet.

We all loved this game, the children found it lots of fun and as a registered childminder I found it perfect for helping the children, take turns, listen, communicate, be creative, learn new words, improve their memory, improve concentration and encourage equality. If you would like to purchase Superhero Lotto click HERE.

We were sent this game to review from Orchard Toys, as always all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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