• By Amanda Blackburn.

Teenage girls!

Teenage years are tough, I remember when I was a teenager, I went through a phase of not liking myself, other people and basically everything that was alive.

Well, my teenage daughter is 15 and is definitely going through that phase. As her mum I understand everything she’s going through...but honestly some days I want to hide from her as everything I say or do to help only irritates her and feeds her already brewing anger!

I totally understand why she feels like this though, I wish I could wave a magic wand with a spell of happiness, confidence, calmness, pain-free periods....the list could go on. But unfortunately, I can’t so I’ve got to ride out the storm with her and try to stay sane at the same time.

It’s so hard being a teenager, pressure mounts against you to do well, your body misbehaves giving you spots, weight gain, weight loss, sore boobs, hair in new places, smelly armpits and your hair needs washing every day. Your mind is all over the place, one minute you’re angry, the next you’re tearful and you just don’t know why?

I know that teenagers aren’t awkward and confrontational by choice. I have to keep telling myself this when just about everything I say, do or suggest gets an eye roll and look of complete disgust. I remember going through that phase. Looking back I feel so bad at how mean I was to my poor mum.

Our good friend science has proven that mood swings are a biological part of growing up. I tell my daughter this every day, she’s aware of what she’s going through and knows it won’t last forever. On the good days, we laugh together about the woman crap, on the bad days when we are both hormonal together....well let’s just say I feel sorry for my hubby and my son, they hide from us both and keep well out of our way.

I feel terribly hormonal once a month, I feel really depressed the week before my period is due. A few days before my period I feel angry and everyone annoys me. I know what’s happening to me and why, but I just can’t stop it, it gets me every month and once my period starts I’m fine, happy and calm again. My daughter feels like this most of the time and not just once a month. I’ve told her that once her periods have become more regular and her hormones level out, her negative feelings will reduce and will only appear once a month or maybe not at all.

To feel like this is bad enough without the added pressures of life, huge expectations from peers at performing well in exams, school problems, bullying, discovering heartbreak, anxiety, low self-esteem and to top it off you are also expected to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Like seriously..... what teenager really knows what career path to take when their brain is controlled by the teenage hormone demon. When you have control of the evil demon, that is when you can truly focus, that is when you will have the strength to make decisions.

I’ve been so busy lately, working as a full-time childminder is exhausting mentally and physically. Trying to find time for my blogs and social media has been eating up any free time I’ve had. My daughter and I haven’t really been acknowledging each other lately and I’ve missed her and I think she’s missed me too. So on Friday after school we had some girly time, just me and her, we chatted without arguing, watched a lovely series together whilst eating chocolate, went shopping on Saturday and enjoyed a lovely barbecue in the sun.

The time spent together was well needed and I feel it did us both the world of good. My daughter chose the series we watched on Netflix, it’s quite old but perfect for watching together as it’s about a teenage daughter and her mum. It was so funny and hopefully, I will be able to find some time this week to be able to cuddle up together and watch some more. The series is called Gilmore Girls, I definitely recommend watching if you haven’t already.

This coming weekend I’m going to be spending time with my hubby, he’s been feeling neglected lately and he’s arranged something crazy for us to do this weekend. I will be posting all about it this week so if your not already subscribed to my blog posts be sure to as you will receive notification once it’s posted.

Thank you again for reading, have a wonderful week!

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