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Cobra Paw

This months game review from the Blogger Board Game Club!

Cobra Paw is a hilarious game for all family members age 6+. This game tests your reactions, you have to be super quick to win this game and become the next Cobra Paw master!

The game is Created by the awesome team from Bananagrams and is such an addictive game. I like the simple set up and easy to play instructions, it’s just perfect for whipping out at parties and on rainy days.

How to play Cobra Paw

The aim of the game is to grab the correct tiles, beating your opponent(s). To set the game up lay all 21 tiles (known as Clawfuku Stones) face up, showing their unique patterns. Each player takes it in turns to roll the 2 Catnippon Dice that will reveal two picture patterns. The player with the smallest paw goes first.

Using ninja-like reflexes all players must find the one-and-only correct tile. If you do so before your opponent, lay it infront of you… still visible to your opponents. There is only 1 tile that shall match the pattern of the 2 dice rolled, so be quick… you can’t both win! Whoever grabbed the correct tile, rolls again. What’s that? No matching tile? Someone must already have it! QUICKLY steal it from that person, before they notice! And that’s it. Play until one person has won 6 Clawfuku Stones.

This is definitely one of my favourite games I’ve reviewed so far. I’m not one for complicated games that take ages to set up and take ages to play. The game-play is 5-15 minutes and can be played by 2-6 players. The instructions are witty and easy to follow. The witty instructions add to the fun of the game-play, you do feel a bit like a ninja trying to be the first to snatch the tiles. The rules state you can only snatch with one paw, you may roll with one and snatch with the other, two-paw snatching is forbidden. You must keep a close eye on the tiles you’ve already collected if the Catnippon dice match your tile, you need to cover your tile quickly with your paw before another player steals it from you.

There are 3 other variations of the game (included in the instructions)– No Touchy, Ghosts Of The Fallen and Two Ninja Stand off. All are really easy too play, and equally as much fun.

The game contains: 21 Clawfuku Stones, 2 Catnippon dice, Instruction booklet

The box is small enough to pack in a suitcase for holiday fun. I read the witty illustrations to my children before we played as they include a little story about the game and add to the fun. My 7-year-old and 15-year-old really enjoyed playing this game and totally got the aim of it and were very competitive. I was very impressed with their ninja-like reflexes, the game-play was fair between us and we all won a few games each.

Where to buy

You can find Cobra Paw in all good independent games shops. It can also be purchased online from Amazon and John Lewis and has an RRP £14.99.


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