• By Amanda Blackburn.

I Cam Spy!

So if you spend all lot of time waiting around for appointments or for some other reason and all you have with you is your phone, what do you do?

Yes, you can check your social media, search the internet and all the usual stuff. But what if you have used all your data and the free WiFi you are using is super slow, what else can you do to pass the time?

Well, my daughter spends a lot of time at the hospital because of her Crohn’s disease and she’s come up with a fun game that helps pass some time. I wanted to share it with you all. It might already be out there and someone else might have come up with this idea, but I’ve shared it here anyway because I think it’s fun!

The game is easy to play and anyone with a phone, tablet or camera can play it!


At least two players.

The person or the other people in the room have to close their eyes, (no peeping!)

The person who is in control of the camera, tablet or phone needs to choose an object that is in the room and take a close up photo of the object.

You can make the game easier for younger players by zooming a little bit so the object isn’t obvious and looks different from an actual photo of the object.

If you want to make the game harder (older players) increase your zoom on the object. The more you zoom in, the less obvious the object is.

If playing with two players, you take it in turns to take the photo or guess. The person who is guessing has 5 minutes to guess the object. You can increase the time for younger children, so they have a bit more time to find it. If the object hasn’t been guessed within the agreed time then play switches to the other person and the person who was guessing doesn’t score any points. You are only allowed to guess 3 times in one turn and 5 if younger. Once you’ve used up all your guesses, on your turn and they are not correct, you don’t score a point. The first to guess 3 correct wins. If you want to make the game longer increase it to 5 correct wins.

When there are more than two players the rules are the same but as there are more turns the game will take longer so you may say the first to guess two correct wins.

It’s a fun game that’s a bit like eye spy. It’s a great way to teach children some basic camera skills, along with turn taking, being creative, observational skills and size and shape.


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