• By Amanda Blackburn.

Lumo Stars!

Another beautiful collection of plush toys have been released. These beautiful creatures have been designed to imitate common animals living in Nordic countries.

The creatures are from the Northern Brights, a story features the creatures and you can read the whole bedtime story here.

Northern Brights plush toys are designed in gorgeous colours and have such beautiful eyes that sparkle like auroras. The fur colours make the creatures look magical and have been carefully selected to represent different colours of the four seasons, from the trees, sky and sea.

Not only are the creatures lovely to the eye, they are super soft and so huggable.

Each plush has its own name and personality description.

Available in sizes:

Mini 8,5 cm Classic 15 cm Big 24 cm

If you want to purchase a Lumo Star either for yourself or for someone you love you can find them here.


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