• By Amanda Blackburn.

Mario Kart fun with Google Maps "Oh yeah! Mario time!"

Did you know that Google Maps Mario update went live Friday 9th March 2018 across the globe and will be available for a week?

GOOGLE Maps have collaborated with Nintendo to release the fun app update to mark Super Mario Day on March 10.

The update lets the famous plumber drive around in his favourite kart with you on your route.

To add this to your Google maps simply update to the latest version from the Apple App Store, the feature will appear when you search for directions, choose the car journey option and select click-on Mario Time icon it'll turn yellow and a new screen will pop up saying "Oh yeah! Mario time!" Your navigation should then be taken over by a Go Kart-driving Mario.

It’s such a fun feature my 7-year-old loved holding my phone in the back of the car today on our journey. It’s a good job I knew the way as I’d totally lost my phone to him.

All this week Google is encouraging users to take a screenshot of their route with Mario and share it with @GoogleMaps on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MarioMaps.

If you share remember not to share personal details like your home or work address in the pictures on your social sites.

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