• By Amanda Blackburn.

What is Vero

When I first joined Facebook many years ago it was just to keep in touch with all my friends and to follow their lives. My life has changed lots since I first joined Facebook, I’m now a part-time blogger and I’ve had to learn how to use social networks to advertise my posts. I have been using Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to help spread my stories and I’ve also got a business page on Facebook. These networks are all free because they are funded by advertising. When you are on these pages you will be sharing and browsing certain people and things that you like, the more you do on these sites the more targeted certain ads will be especially for you. What we comment, share, and a view is being monitored our information is gold dust for advertisers.

It’s a very clever way to advertise your business and I’m not against it at all, I’m just so fed up of seeing the same things pop up, and wish the whole algorithms would go do one! Most of these sites have such powerful algorithms, calculating and processing data finding out what we like. But I’m bored of seeing the same things every day, Instagram is the worst, just because I’ve liked someone’s photo on Instagram or view certain hashtags it doesn’t mean I want to see the same thing every day. All of the social sites are doing the same, how will I know if I will or won’t like something else if I never see it? So although these sites are great if you can afford to pay for extra promotion so your information is pushed out to more people, they are not so good anymore for small-time bloggers like me who can’t afford to pay the price. I’m posting quality photo’s and doing everything I’m supposed to be doing but since it’s all about ads and money I’ve seen a dramatic drop in my reach, people just aren’t seeing my posts anymore as the paid posts are taking over.

I think it’s time for something new, something with a chronological feed that includes everything people post, which isn't decided by an algorithm and means that companies or people can't pay to boost posts, as they often do on other platforms, this type of site would be much better for me, more personal and less fake. And apparently I’m not the only one getting fed up, a site has been created and is up and running, this site is called Vero, founded by billionaire businessman Ayman Hariri a social network that has no ads. This site is currently free but eventually, it will be paid for by a yearly subscription which will apparently be a very low fee. Hariri, son of the assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, said he started Vero because of a personal frustration with the existing social networks.

So I have now joined Vero and I hope that it will be all the things it’s promising to be. Vero first launched a few years ago, it has been gradually gathering pace in recent days due to the fact that Instagram influencers have been posting about their frustration with the drop in their IG accounts. They have mentioned that they are moving to Vero, and suddenly Vero has become quite popular. Due to the fast increase in people joining, the Vero app is currently struggling to keep up with all the new members and have had a few technical issues. I managed to join easily but my husband who also joined easily cannot see the photo I’ve posted yet? I’m sure it will all be corrected soon, most new sites have technical issues to begin with.

A little bit about Vero;

No adverts. Will be in chronological order. Will include links, for you to click on to books, movies and lots more.

What Vero says;

‘The feed is composed of your posts and the posts of people you’re either connected with or people you follow. We don’t curate it, manipulate it, insert advertising in it, or hold back posts. You see what has been shared with you when it’s been shared with you’,

This is how Vero explains the subscription fee;

As a subscription-based service, our users are our customers, not the product we sell to advertisers. Our subscription model will allow us to keep Vero advertising-free, and to focus solely on delivering the best social experience instead of trying to find new ways to monetise our users’ behaviour or tricking them back into the app with notifications.’

I’ve managed to sign up for free, Vero promises the first million sign-ups for free, after that there will be a small fee to join. If your thinking of joining here is the link that I used to join

What are your thoughts? Is this site going to stick to all it’s promising or will it become the same as the rest? I’m really excited about this new app and I’m looking forward to watching it grow in the future.

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