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Giveaway Money Match Café Game!

Orchard Toys have done it again and have brought out another fun educational game for 5-8-year-old. I have so many Orchard toys games, they are well made, eye-catching, easy to play with clear instructions and are all packed with educational benefits. I have worked with children for over 25-years and these games have always been my favourites.I jumped at the chance to review the new Money Match Cafe that should be available to buy from the 14 February 2018.

My review;

Money Match Cafe came in a well-designed eye-catching box when my 7-year-old son Zac saw it he couldn’t wait to open it up.

Inside the sturdy box;

4 3D tables 1 spinner 1 till board 1 tray board 16 meal/beverage/snack cards 32 money card Money Match Cafe can help develop skills in addition and money handling. s (16 easy cards, 16 hard cards) Clear easy to follow instructions.

All pieces inside the box were made from strong cardboard and beautifully designed.

When we opened the box I asked Zac to pop all the pieces out of the storage frames, Orchard Toys Games always come well packed, I always get the children to do this for me it gives me a chance to read the instructions. The instructions were clear and easy to read. You can encourage children to be creative and use their imagination by allowing them to create a cafe scene using their own teddies, dolls and toys. Zac went upstairs to collect his favourite characters and sat them at the 4 numbered tables that you set up from the box.

The game includes easy money cards or harder money cards. We used the easy cards to begin, I placed them all face down on the floor where we could both reach in rows like you do for a memory match game. I then placed the till, tray and spinner next to them. We then picked 4 meals each from the selection and placed them meal side up next to us.

Zac went first by turning one of the cards up from the pile, Zac then needed to add up the amount on the card. Once Zac added up the coins he then had to find that exact amount from one of his 4 meals cards. If the amount matches his meal price (you can get the child to check by turning the meal card over and there is a picture of the coins to help match it and to encourage children to check) he could then put his money card on the till card, pop his meal on the tray, spin the spinner to see which of his toys get the first meal. Then the food needs to be carefully balanced on the tray and delivered to correct table (table numbers 1,2,3 and 4). The toy sat at the numbered table that the spinner points to, can then enjoy their meal. The player to serve all their meals first wins!

The game is a great way for children to use their role-play skills, and perfect for developing skills in addition and money handling.

Zac loved playing waiter to his toys and after a few games, he had a try at the harder money cards. I also have tested it out on the younger 3 and 4-year-old in my setting. They couldn’t add up the coins but they could match up the correct picture of the money, they really enjoyed playing. We also played it at the real table using the toy till and play money. The children matched the play money with the cards.

This game promotes imaginative play, knowledge and understanding, mathematics (numbers & counting), observational skills, personal and social skills. Playing games is a great way of making learning fun and I would highly recommend this wonderful game.

I was sent Money Match Cafe for the purpose of review, as always all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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