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Grown Up Chocolate for Valentines Day!

Valentine’s day is celebrated every year. This year’s Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, February 14. There are so many different stories about the origins of St Valentine’s Day and how it all started. I’m not going to bore you with all the theories, I’m just going to cut to the chase and talk about Valentine’s Day in the 20th century.

So what do you think about Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it? Are you the romantic one, or is it your partner, or is it both of you? Well if I’m honest, I’m not a tiny bit romantic and Valentine’s Day is just another day for me. Now you might be thinking "What woman doesn't love romance?" And you might be thinking, “she’s definitely a Tom-boy, or she’s with the wrong person and isn’t in love!” I am not a Tom-boy who wants to be all tough. I cry lots, love dresses, makeup, perfume, shopping and chick flicks. I just think Romance is lame.

Think about it, romance is this concept of constantly showing how much you love someone, typically involving consuming something. That's not what love is. Love is watching me eat a party size bag of fish’n’chips and still wanting to kiss me. Love is smiling and nodding when I am on some crazy tangent because you care about me and know that whatever I am rambling on must be important, and then realizing you weren't paying attention and just nodding. Love is not gifts or showing off in front of others.

Is anyone else like me? When out in public I hold my children’s hands to walk them to school safely and working as a childminder I’m constantly holding hands, but holding my hubbies hand when out in public feels wrong! Yes, he probably needs my help to stop him from falling over....or to pull him along so he keeps up with me, but I’ve tried holding his hand when out and it just doesn’t feel right.

I don't like Roses or any type of flowers, I think they are such a waste of money, leave them in the ground and I will admire them when out and about. I don't know where the idea that every woman wants these things came from, most of my friends hate them too.

I would absolutely die of embarrassment if my hubby serenaded me outside my window, wrote me a poem or expressed his feelings for me in front of others. This is just me and it doesn’t mean I’m not in love, or don’t enjoy being with him, I just don’t need this sort of behaviour to show me, love.

It’s not all bad, and I’m not evil and heartless I promise, I am a loyal and loving person, and so far I’ve never forgotten his birthday... not yet anyway, it’s just our wedding anniversary that I always forget.... I’m joking! I love spending some time together but all day with him, well that’s too much, we all need the freedom to be something I like to call human. There was a time when he used to follow me round like a little lap dog, this completely suffocated me, I need my own space, luckily we are over that loved up phase now.

OMG! Listen to me, this post is meant to be about Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day is meant to be romantic, right? I’m sorry for snapping Cupid’s arrow. I can imagine that a lot of you reading this will be thinking I’m really not happy or in love, I totally am in love, he’s also my best friend and I’m grateful that we both feel the same way as each other, or our marriage would never have lasted and the 17 years we have been together would have come to an end long ago.

So what’s this post all about you must be thinking? Why even bother to write about Valentine’s Day, when you think romance is lame? The answer is chocolate, lots of yummy special grown-up chocolate, just for us, no sharing with the children, it’s all ours! I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to test out five different flavoured chocolate bars We never bother with Valentine’s Day, so this is our little 21st-century attempt at being a little bit romantic. Of course, trying chocolate isn’t very romantic right? Well, it can be if you add a little twist.

Does anyone remember the film nine and a half weeks staring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke? Well if you’ve never seen it, it’s basically a bit of a raunchy movie-or it was many years ago! I thought it might be a bit of fun if we copied apart from the film where Kim Basinger is fed food with her eyes closed. Apart from being a bit of fun, I thought it would be a great way of tasting the chocolate. Unfortunately our chocolate tasting didn’t quite live up to the scene in the film, but nevertheless, we still had lots of fun.

The chocolate bars up for tasting are made by The Grown Up Chocolate Company. The idea behind the Grown Up Chocolate bars is that they are reminiscent of the bars we ate as children, but reimagined for Grown Ups only. They are made by hand in the UK using great quality ingredients. Each 70g bar comes wrapped in two chunky pieces and is contained inside a well-designed box. Each box has a super cute photo of a different child on the front with a caption on saying ‘Nice try kid, but it’s not for you!’ I love the design of these bars, they would make a perfect Valentines gift.

Here are the delicious flavours and our verdict;

Superb Salted Peanut Carmel Bar-Salted caramel enveloping a row of peanuts on a bed of peanut praline encased in luxury milk chocolate.

Me- I could taste the peanut straight away, and then the salted caramel flavour kicked in. The peanut overpowered the caramel but I thought it tasted perfect together with the delicious milk chocolate.

Hubby- He was able to identify the peanut flavour but didn’t mention any salted caramel. He’s not a big fan of peanut so he didn’t like this.

Crunchy Crispy Toffee Trilogy- a Crunchy base of luxury milk chocolate and rice puffs. A middle of gooey caramel topped with white chocolate biscuit pearls and enrobed in milk chocolate.

Me- I could taste the gooey caramel, this bar reminded me of treacle pudding that my mum used to make for me when I was a child. I couldn’t taste the white chocolate, but the rice puffs tasted amazing and so did the biscuit pearls. I really liked the taste, all the flavours complimented each other and this bar tasted delicious.

Hubby- This bar reminded my husband of something but he couldn’t remember what. He really liked the rice and biscuit bits and knew what they were. He thought it tasted of toffee and really liked the flavour.

Very Naughty Nutty Nougat- A creamy layer of white chocolate nougat enveloping rows of whole roasted hazelnuts and covered with a layer of buttery caramel and hazelnuts all encased in milk chocolate.

Me- I tasted the hazelnut straight away, I’m not a big fan of hazelnuts but mixed with all the different flavours it tasted heavenly. The consistency of the white chocolate nought was lovely and mellow. This chocolate bar reminded me of the homemade fudge my nana used to make, very rich and buttery.

Hubby- He didn’t recognise the hazelnut and it also reminded him of fudge. He didn’t really like this one and said it was too buttery for him.

Glorious Coconut Hocus Pocus- Creamy Coconut Ganache luxuriantly topped with an indulgent fruit and nut jumble, enrobed in decadent milk chocolate.

Me- Coconut and chocolate is all I could taste, very similar to a Bounty bar with with a nutty aftertaste. I don’t like Bounty bars so I didn’t enjoy this one.

Hubby- He also recognised the Coconut and he thought it tasted just like a Bounty bar but with nicer chocolate.

Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar- Caramelised wafer enticingly slathered in sumptuous praline encased in real milk chocolate.

Me- Absolutely delicious and I recognised the praline straight away. The caramel wafer reminded me of the wafer in a Kit-Kat, it tasted divine mixed with the praline. This bar wasn’t too rich or sweet, it was just perfect for me.

Hubby- He also recognised the praline, he’s not a big fan of praline and I thought he was going to spit it out, but he didn’t. The wafer part was also a big hit for him and he thought the bar was unique and liked it.

The bars are £2.25 each and are available from Here.

I was sent these chocolate bars for free to review, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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