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Cortex Challenge Game

Due to the Christmas period being extremely busy for the Blogger Board Game Club I didn’t receive November and December game reviews till a few days before Christmas. So here is my November game review of Cortex Challenge.

Cortex Challenge by Esdevium Games is a bit like my favourite game Dobble. It’s a fast-paced quick thinking brain challenge game.

The rules of the game are very easy to follow, it hardly takes any time to set up and only takes 15 minutes to play (definitely my kind of game). It’s recommended for ages 8+ and I think that the age rating is correct. It’s for 2-6 players and is best played whilst sat at a table. When playing make sure everyone can reach the cards placed in front of them on the table so the gameplay is fair.

I took this game round to my parent's house on Boxing Day and tested it out on ages 14, 17, 21, 23, 39, 42, 46, 49, 72 and 79. It was interesting as the younger ages were definitely better than the older. Just goes to show how much your brain slows down with age. The game has a series of mental puzzles. Each card has a different puzzle on it, the first to recognise the puzzle slaps their hand down on the card when they have the answer. Lowest hand gets to answer first and the card goes to the first correct answer. When you collect two cards of the same type you can swap your cards for a quarter of a brain. The first person to assemble a whole brain wins.

There are 8 different categories of puzzle cards, here they are below;

1.Multitasking-The back allocates a colour to each hand (red for the left and blue for the right). With the correct hand,raise the number of fingers shown in the picture and at the same time say out loud the number shown in the bubble while striking the card with the other hand.

2.Observation-Which colour is the faulty robot?

3.Squares-How many squares are needed to fill the empty spaces?

4. Analysis-What colour are the four bottle tops making a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row?

5. Unique-Which item is unique in colour and shape?

6. Combination-Which of the three shapes will complete the star, with the colours in the correct order?

7. Tracking-Which entrances lead to the centre of the maze?

8. Touch Challenge-You have 10 seconds to recognise the texture using only your sense of touch.

The puzzles are not very difficult, but you need to have quick thinking and be able to see it first whilst under pressure. It’s a funny game and it definitely gets easier the more you play. My dad being the oldest struggled to see it quick enough, but he always wins the game Timeline due to his vast knowledge of history (see Timeline review here) and we’d already had three games of that before so it was nice to have the children win something too.

I would definitely recommend this game for teenagers and the younger generation. I think the older generation might struggle to win unless they are all playing against a similar age. This game definitely tests your memory, cognition, and sensory perception, often as we get older we stop using these skills and our brain needs to be reminded of these skills again. This game can definitely help re-wire these abilities if played regularly.

Winning challenges allow players to add pieces to their brain puzzle which they must complete.


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