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The best products for Super Sensitive Skin!

Being a parent is one crazy ride, that can sometimes make you nauseous, dizzy, confused, doubtful, and completely unsure of where the ride will end. In fact, I often wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t got on that crazy ride. But through all the stress and chaos comes love, laughter and something that feels like nothing that money can buy.

I’ve been a parent for 21 years and believe me when I say it’s definitely not been an easy ride. Parenting has definitely thrown plenty of obstacles my way. In this post, I wanted to share my experience of one of the many obstacles I have had to learn how to deal with. You might have a child with a similar condition or even may be faced with it yourself.

Ok, it’s not been my biggest obstacle and seems nothing compared to my daughter’s serious illness (read here) but it’s my youngest son’s problem and as a parent, It’s my job to help make his skin condition as comfortable as possible. So I’ve been testing out different products that keep his skin free from rashes and irritation.

He’s always suffered from different rashes and we’ve had plenty of trips to the doctors trying to find out what is the cause. The doctors have tried to help, but with so many different types of skin conditions around, it’s hard for them to give a clear indication of what does and doesn’t irritate his skin. It really comes down to the individual, what suits some might not suit others so I’ve just had to try things and see for myself and hope that my little guinea pig doesn’t suffer too much throughout the whole testing period.

Zac had sensitive skin even as a newborn and we soon found that we could only use Fairy washing powder and softener to wash his clothes in. If he wore anything fleecy he would also come out in a rash. Certain bubble baths also irritated his skin and we could only use Earth Friendly Baby Organic Bubble Bath with Chamomile in his bath.

Another allergy we found he had was a skin reaction to Teflon and wool. It’s a strange one and took me a while to work out but if he wears anything containing these materials he comes out in a rash and his skin starts to itch. During his first years at the nursery, I had plenty of phone calls from the school asking me to come and collect him due to a rash, I took him to the doctors and they used to say it was eczema or heat reaction. When he was home the rash used to disappear so I thought it must have been that his classroom was too warm. If it was eczema it wouldn’t have disappeared so quickly. It took me a while to realise that the rash was going because I changed him out of his uniform when he was home. His uniform contained Teflon and his jumper was made of wool.

It’s been very hard to try and find a uniform that doesn’t contain Teflon or wool, but I’ve managed to find a way around it. He’s fine with cotton and Lycra so he has to wear cotton trousers (he currently wears cotton tracksuit bottoms with cotton long sleeve tops under his collared top from H&M). His school have been very supportive and he has permission to wear a different uniform to everyone else, he is able to wear the correct colours so it isn’t too noticeable.

I’ve also found that the Sanex shower gel for sensitive skin is ok to use and this is a lot cheaper than the Earth Friendly products and I can pick it up from most supermarkets during my weekly shop. The only thing with the Sanex is it doesn’t really have a sent and it’s not as moisturising as The Earth Friendly products. However recently whilst at one of my blogger conferences, I had a new product called Good Bubbles in my goody bag.

Good Bubble makes natural gentle formulations that nourish your hair and skin, are free from harsh chemicals, kind to the planet and are full of rich nutrients. I had the Bish Bash Bosh! Hair & Body Wash with Dragon Fruit in my goody bag and I tested it out on Zac. It smelt divine and after using it all up he had absolutely no reactions at all. He loved the bright kid-friendly design of the bottle and loved the fact that it didn’t sting his eyes when he washed his hair. The no tears definitely worked and his usually fluffy hair became nicely tamed, smelt lovely and had a beautiful shine due to the tangle-free formula.

About Good Bubbles;

There are currently two variants in the Good Bubble range: Dragon Fruit and Cloudber.

Apparently, Dragon Fruit has wonderful moisturising properties that help nourish young hair and skin. The Dragon fruit is also packed with antioxidants that can protect against free radicals, which occur all around us.

The Cloudberry range is made using Cloudberry. Cloudberry is a creeping bramble grown across Scandinavia, Siberia and Alaska. Also known as the Northern Orange and Arctic Raspberry, the berries are bursting with vitamins A, C and E, which help soothe and moisturise young skin and nourish young hair. As well as loads of antioxidants, which help safeguard hair and skin from harmful outside elements.

All the Good Bubble products are dermatology tested and contain at least 98% naturally derived ingredients. The other 2% contains a preservative blend, which preserves the formula after opening. A few of the products are even 99% naturally derived ingredients as they can cope with fewer preservatives. The Good Bubble range also has the stamp of approval from The Vegan Society. This means that the products are completely free from animal derivatives.

Finally, I’ve found something that smells good, looks good and is taking care of my little boy's skin. Zac likes it so much that he even put it on his Christmas list for Santa. I’ve managed to find a little box set that includes a fun facecloth and this time I’ve got him the bubble bath. If you want to find out more about the Good Bubble range then go to Here. Both Dragon Fruit or Cloudberry variants are currently available in Sainsburys stores and online.

I hope one day Zac grows out of his skin sensitivity but until then I will continue to test out certain products and add them to this post when I find others that also work. If you would like to be notified when I add new products please be sure to join our mailing list so that I can contact you. If you have tried and tested products that do or don’t work please leave a comment below.

I haven’t found a Sun-cream that I can put on Zac yet so your help would be appreciated. These comments can help other people with similar conditions, it’s great to share each other’s experiences. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this post.

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