• By Amanda Blackburn.

Together We Can Conquer 2018!

2017 is nearly over, I’m never going to be 42 again! As usual, it’s gone in a flash. I’ve been planning my New Years resolutions already, I’m determined to fulfil them during 2018, providing we all have good health.

I’m going to share my list with all my lovely readers, that way it might motivate me to make my resolutions actually happen. When I do something off the list I will write a post about my experience with photographs for evidence. If anyone else wants to join in with me by sharing their 2018 New Years resolutions please comment your list below in the comment bar. Together we can help each other to complete our hopes and wishes for the coming year.

I would love to engage more with my readers, you’ve all been so lovely to me with so many nice comments and such positivity towards my little blogging career. I want to see your photos and read your resolution experiences too. Send in a photo of yourself attempting one or all of your resolutions, include a little story if you like, I will include it in a monthly post for others to read. Make sure to include your name and join our mailing list so I can notify you of all the new posts.

Even if you try to attempt and it fails please share, we are all human at the end of the day and failure is part of living. I fail at most things but I don’t let it worry me anymore, providing I’m not upsetting anyone else I just accept failure and either move on to something else or try again. So here is my list, and if anyone wants to join me on any of the resolutions, I will happily have you either come along if you live near enough or support each other through FaceTime or Instagram live.

I want to join a tap dancing class. Go to a mini yoga retreat. Try to be more vegan again by avoiding chocolate and mozzarella cheese, which I have started eating again. Finish decorating my kitchen. Drive on a motorway,(I’ve been driving 2 years now and still not been on the Motorway) Make a weekly YouTube video. Have a holiday abroad before Skye has her Stoma reversal operation. My children are desperate to start drama lessons so I need to make this possible for them. Get Zac back to his swimming lessons. Improvement in my yoga. More meditation. Be brave enough to go to Brit Mums in London this year, even If I have to go alone! Smile more, laugh more and stop being so moody, snappy and over sensitive.

Whatever your 2018 goals are to try to make them happen. Spend a little bit of time working on something that is important to you. It’s so easy to forget our wishes with day to day life overwhelming us making our goals and objectives get lost in the daily grind. Planning helps to stay focused and to keep your perspective. Let’s plan together and make 2018 a year to remember!


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