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PlayStation For Families!

We recently attended PlayStation’s Parent and Children’s Showcase event in London. The fun-filled afternoon was aimed at family PlayStation gaming where we got to test out a number of family games.

The children of today are growing up in a digital era, video gaming is very popular and I can understand why. I’m quite relaxed about gaming as I absolutely love it myself. I have so many happy gaming memories playing on Super Mario, Donkey Kong, playing as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, playing two player online games with my hubby... I could go on. As an adult I still love it now, I just don’t get enough time to play.

I am aware that a lot of people feel that gaming is no good for your child, but like everything, things should be done in moderation. If the correct child-friendly games are chosen I feel there is no harm in allowing your children to play on consoles. Children lead such busy lifestyles taking part in so many things like; swimming lessons, gymnastics, kickboxing and so on. This is all alongside their stressful schooling if gaming is what they like to do to relax, what’s the harm?

Here are a few tips that will help keep your children safe while gaming;

Make sure your child isn’t stuck in front of a screen all day, get them out for fresh air and do other things throughout the day with them.

Make sure the games kids do play are right for their age. You can set up the PS4 to play only games and movies that are rated below a certain age limit. My son’s got his own account that is set up for his correct age. We all share the PS4 and all have our own accounts that we can access with our own passwords. Our accounts are set up with no limitations and my son and daughter do not know our passwords, therefore, they can not play or access adult games or films.

If you are allowing your child to use Playstation internet’s browser you can also block unsuitable websites, can completely disable the internet browse altogether and disable text and voice messages. Another great service that PS4 offers is control over your child’s PS4 account, you can set up a monthly spending limit this stops unwanted big bills.

There is such a great selection of PS4 games now available for children with over 140 suitable for ages 3 and over, more than 160 for ages 7+ and 200+ for age 12 upwards. There are so many more creative games available now that encourage children to use their imaginations. Not only do the games encourage creativity but the multiplayer player games also teach children to work together as a team. Games also help encourage ‘practice makes perfect’ and ‘keep trying, don’t give up’.

At the event, we attended we found out about Sony's PlayLink service for PlayStation gamers. I didn’t know anything about PlayLink before this event, I have shared some information below that explains what PlayLink is;

Multiplayer gaming using specific games crafted for PlayLink on the PS4 without having to purchase extra controllers for extra players. You can actually use your smartphones and tablets!

We had a try of the fun multiplayer PlayLink interactive party games with our smartphones and loved all the features we could access with our phones. Taking selfies, swipe and poke and lots of other things all helped to make the games more interactive.

There is a great selection of games for PlayLink, our favourite was Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is Power is a game show that can be played for up to 6 players. You have to try to beat the other players by answering questions quicker than them. There are fun ways to slow your opponents down, things like forcing them to tap through ice or rub away gunk before they can answer. There are lots of other games available that you can find here.

To be able to use PlayLink and play Online you will need to be a PlayStation Plus member. We are members and have been since we purchased ours. It costs £49.99 a year and includes unlimited online gaming access and two free games a month.

We couldn’t be without our Playstation it is used for all of our entertainment. The great choice of films, tv, and music available with the option to suspend/resume feature is fantastic. My 7-year-old Zac and 14-year old daughter Skye absolutely love the family time we spend together watching tv and playing games on the PlayStation. After all the exercise groups they attend and their busy stressful school life it’s nice to relax and have some fun together whilst playing on the PlayStation.

It’s important to be able to do something together that you all enjoy. With a 7-year age gap between my children, it’s hard to find something that we can all enjoy together and PlayStation has given us that.

We would like to thank PlayStation for inviting us to the event we had such a wonderful time.

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