• By Amanda Blackburn.

GT Sport Family Review!

We were sent Gran Turismo Sport to review as a family. Here is our family review of the game!

Gran Turismo Sport is a racing video game developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. It was released worldwide in October 2017, receiving generally positive reviews from critics.

My verdict of the game;

Gran Turismo Sport is a skilfully constructed online racing destination. Although the game is now aimed more at online racing the solo campaign is also great. It has been cleverly designed and the graphics are very well-presented. Game play is simple and it handles great!

In the solo campaign, there are a series of license trials, racing scenarios, endurance tests, and cool lap challenges. I have to admit that I’m a bit addicted to this game when my son Zac is in bed and I actually get a chance to play it I really love it. I’m a bit competitive and my son and hubby are quite good at this game so I’ve been practicing by trying to beat their times.

The campaign mode teaches you very quickly how to handle the cars around the corners. It wasn’t long before I discovered which cars are best on certain tracks. It isn’t just about racing there are certain skills that you learn as you play for example; when you use a road car, it requires gentle steering and breaking at the correct times. I love to race with the race cars as they are so much more aggressive. Some of the race cars are harder to handle as they don’t grip very easily when you break, but this gives you a real feel of how each car is different and I’m enjoying the challenge of learning to handle each unique car.

The Pad setup is very straightforward and easy to manage. It offers steering, throttle, and braking inputs and you are able to get some smooth flowing directional changes whilst using the controller. I would like to try it with a steering wheel, but the one I’m after is a bit out of my budget at the minute.

When you play the campaign and complete the challenges you gain points and are awarded credits for buying new cars and extra mileage. The extra mileage enables you to be able to pimp your character and your car. You can use your credits to buy things at the mileage exchange, there isn’t much choice at the moment but I’m sure that new items will be added soon with updates.

I love the level of creativity this game offers. You can paint your car and add decals, I created a Thundercats car the other day (see picture below) the options to create are endless.

I haven’t tried the online play yet as I want to get better before I make a fool of myself. My husband loves playing online games with his friends and has great online experience. He has been testing out the online play all week, ‘much to my annoyance as we only have one PS4 and I want to play on it too’.

Here is his verdict on Gran Turismo Sport Online Play;

The online play allows you to create or join a lobby with friends, where you can customise your own race. It also allows you to enter a special competition once a day. These racing competitions are held at certain times of the day and are so much fun. The only downside to these races is they are only at certain times of the day, if you miss a certain race you will have to wait until the following day to enter again.

All the online races have been cleverly designed to make the race feel so realistic. There are warm-up laps and qualifying laps just like a real race. If you hit someone or go off track you get a time penalty, as you would in a real race. You can create online lobbies or join other lobbies at any time, I have been playing with my online friends and we’ve had lots of laughs with no glitching problems. When you play online you can level up like you can in the campaign. When you collect your experience points and mileage you can use your credit points to buy new cars. I’ve still got a lot to learn from this game and feel it’s one of those games that you will keep playing to get better.

My son Zac’s verdict in his words;

“I love the way the cars look and race, I find them easy to control and I understand the gameplay”

“I like that you can pimp your cars and make them look cool by earning points each time you race”

“The choice of tracks is awesome and I like it that you can pick to race in the day or at night. There are other choices too!”

“There are lots of different cool cars to unlock and win and I love the different sounds they all make”

My daughter’s verdict in her words;

“I didn’t think I would like this game as I’m not a big fan of racing car games, however, I was wrong, it’s very addictive”

“I find it quite easy to control and absolutely love the way it makes you feel, it’s exciting!”

“When I’m playing and I’ve nearly finished the race, towards the end it gets my heart racing”

“I’m determined to get better so I can beat my dad and little brothers finish time”

“I’m really enjoying playing this together as a family, we have been having such a laugh”

“It’s fun to customise your car and design it”

We give this game a big thumbs up and definitely recommend it! We were sent this game for the purpose of review as always all thoughts and comments remain our own.


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