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Different Gift Ideas for boys and girls this Christmas.

Are you stuck for ideas for your children, friends or family this year? I usually struggle to find something that is a little bit different, something they haven’t added to their Christmas list. Well, I have a few ideas here that are perfect for surprise gifts.

Magnoidz Bubble Science

Bubble science kit for ages 6+

With this kit, you can discover the secrets of soap bubbles whilst having fun. The 9 experiments that are included in the booklet are educational and teach interesting facts about the science of bubbles. Not only will your child learn the secrets of soap bubbles but he or she will be able to create an array of different bubbles using the items included in the box.

All children love bubbles and with this bubble science experimentation kit they will be able to;

Create a soap bubble. Create a bubble that is not round. Check the surface tension. Check the surface tension with bubble liquid. Check the work of the detergent. Observe a rainbow on a soap bubble membrane. Make different soap membrane shapes. Control a soap bubble with static energy. Make big bubbles.

The kit includes;

Instruction and Educational Resource booklet 1 x bubble liquid 1 x balloon 1 x funnel 1 x tray 1 x small panel 1 x starring 1 x 3-hole ring 1 x flower ring 1 x 2-hole ring 1 x bubble tube 5 x straw 8 x ball part 12 x stick part

This would make a great gift this Christmas for either boys or girls. It’s probably not something your child would ask for but would make a lovely surprise. I’ve got this for my son Zac who is 7, he loves science experiments and I’m looking forward to spending the time together on this.

There are lots of different types of kits available from Magnoidz so if bubbles are not for your child I’m sure you will find something that will suit.

The kit and others are available on Amazon so you don’t even need to go out to the shops to purchase. Thank god for online shopping, I never do anything else now, it’s so much easier to sit and browse at your leisure and have your items delivered to your door.

You can find the Bubble Science here; Magnoidz:

Another brilliant little gift for boys or girls that would fit perfectly into their Christmas stockings is GooBands. “What are GooBands you might ask? “, I hadn’t got a clue either! They are little pots of mixed slime with a wristband. You may be thinking, “what’s good about that?” I can honestly say, “ I don’t really know?” but for some reason, kids absolutely love slime and wearing these funky chunky plastic bracelets.

The slime comes in little round pots with resealable lids to keep the slime fresh inside. The bracelet is around the outside of the pot and is also sealed with a wrapper, “so don’t worry it’s not covered in slime!” The slime feels slimy but it’s not messy and it smells quite nice.

There are 27 different GooBands available so you can find one to suit. Here is a list of the different ones;

TooGoo-mixed slime with a wristband available in 5 different two tones. MixoGoo-rainbow slime with a wristband available I two colours. GlittoGoo-glitter slime with a wristband available in 4 different colours. ShimmaGoo-pearlescent slime with a wristband available in 3 different colours. GooGoo-neon slime with a wristband available in 3 colours. GlittoPutti-glitter putty with a wristband available in 4 different colours. ThrooGoo-transparent slime with a wristband available in 4 different colours. GlowGoo-glow in the dark slime with a wristband in two different shades.

The GooBands are also available from Amazon but I would advise purchasing very soon as they are sure to sell out fast this Christmas. You can find them here;

I was sent the Magnoidz Bubble Science kit and the GooBands for the purpose of review all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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