• By Amanda Blackburn.

My love for Autumn!

Well, my favourite season is definitely the summer, I love the sun, but there is something magical about Autumn. Some days during early Autumn it still feels like summer but very quickly throughout the month the days get fresher, the sky crisper with fresher shades of blue and super sparkling stars on a clear day at night.

Did you know that there are two different dates that are used to mark the beginning of autumn? The dates differ depending on if you are referring to meteorological autumn or astronomical autumn. Both astronomers and meteorologists use different ways in deciding when the seasons change.

Meteorological autumn begins on September 1, running until November 30. Astronomical autumn begins on September 22.

The date for autumn 2017 is decided by meteorologists, using the Gregorian calendar to split the year into four equal periods. This means they define autumn as taking place in September, October and November – so for them, autumn begins on September 1 and runs until November 30.

Astronomers base their seasons on celestial events, and for autumn, the date is decided when the northern hemisphere slightly tilts away from the sun, meaning days become shorter and the temperature begins to cool. This usually occurs on September 22 in the northern hemisphere, and astronomers believe this is the first day of autumn. When the northern hemisphere begins to tip back towards the sun on its axis, astronomers then say autumn is over and winter has begun.

During autumn trees shut down their food-making process, this makes the green colour disappear from the leaves making autumn feel like autumn.

Here are ten of my favourite things about autumn;

1.Long colourful walks through woods, just throwing on a sweater or a lighter jacket and being able to walk faster without being drenched in sweat.

2. The autumn colours with all the various shades of bright red browns and orange leaves.

3. Jumping into leaf pile after leaf pile and feeling the leaves crunch under your feet!

4. Hot pots, stews, and hot chocolate. In September it's great to start to cook different warming foods again, we never want to eat hot food during the summer months and eat mostly salads, but soon as it cools down and the nights get darker it makes you feel cosy and as you've not eaten it for a while it just tastes so good.

5. Autumn fashion is so exciting, the fact that you can wear a bit more than you could in the summer without covering it up completely. The wonderful choice of autumn colours, and the comfortable temperatures to wear clothes and makeup without sweating and ruining your hair and makeup, make it my favourite fashion month.

6. Pumpkin Carving and decorating my house for autumn. Each year as Halloween approaches, I and my family love to decorate the house with an autumn theme. We begin a week before Halloween and last year we made an autumn reef as well as the usual pumpkin carving which has become very competitive in our street.

7. The autumn smell. Fresh crisp air that wakes you up in the morning and when you have to put your heating on for an hour in the evening, it just smells of autumn and makes you feel cosy and safe.

8. Apple pie, and pies. I love baking pies in autumn it's something that my family always did when I was growing up, for some reason pastry always tastes better in the autumn.

9. Lighting candles. I always purchase lots of candles in the autumn and like to light them up in the evenings whilst I snuggle up on the sofa in my onesie that I haven't worn for ages.

10. TV. This is when most of my series begins again. I'm looking forward to The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and Riverdale this year. I always like to watch more TV during autumn and love to watch a few good horrors.

What do you love best about the autumn? I would love to hear your autumn traditions, please pop them in the comment bar below. Happy Autumn!

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