• By Amanda Blackburn.

Timeline British History!

This months game I was sent to review from The Blogger Board Game Club is Timeline, a British History game. This game came at the perfect time for me as it was my dads birthday and we were having a get together for his special day. We played this game for a couple of hours and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. My 14-year-old daughter didn’t join us as she said it sounded boring so it was just myself, hubby, my mum and dad that played.

I was surprised at how well I did, I’m not very good at history but I was lucky with my guessing. My dad being the oldest and wisest won both times but we were all very close. It was so much fun guessing what year or era a historical event was. Sometimes we were hundreds of years wrong, which did make us laugh. Luckily you don’t have to guess the exact date as there’s no way I’d remember, you just need to place the card somewhere on the timeline that is before, after or in between other cards in the line. It certainly gets easier the more you play and is extremely addictive. The 110 cardboard cards come inside a sturdy metal case which is compact (H13 X W13 X D4cm) and perfect for travel. It’s suitable for ages 8+ because the rules of play are very simple, but it depends on how interested an 8-year-old is with history to whether they would play, they could certainly learn something from playing. I think it’s more suitable for adults. You are dealt four cards each with a picture of a historical event. Your four cards are dealtto you with the picture face up, if you turn the card over it will have the date of the historical event on the other side. You mustn’t look at the date till after you have guessed where it should be placed on the timeline. If you are right you have one less card and the winner is the one who gets rid of their four cards first. You have to leave the card in the timeline and the longer the line gets the harder it is to guess where the next card should be placed. If you hadn’t placed the card in the correct place you must not leave that card in the timeline but place it in a separate pile and then pick up a new card.

Here are a few examples of what’s on the cards;

Timeline is also available in 5 different themes: Inventions, Science & Discoveries, Historical Events, General Interest, Music & Cinema. We loved this game and I think it would make the perfect Christmas present for adults. We were sent this game to review, all thoughts and opinions remain our own.

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