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Rory's Story Cubes Review!

Well I am very excited about the next 12 months because myself and my family have been picked to review a different game each month. We have no idea of the game that we will be sent so it's a complete surprise, (how exciting!) In return for our mystery game, Blogger Board Game Club are asking for an honest review of the game on my blog.

And this months game;

Rory's Story Cubes for ages 6+. With over 3 million sold worldwide and 20+ International Awards I was quite excited about testing it out.

The nine medium die sized cubes come in a compact sturdy case and are well made. Perfect for fitting in your handbag for a handy game to occupy your children whilst traveling or at a restaurant.

The little box that the story cubes are in closes with a magnet holding them securely inside. The instructions on the back are so simple as there are no right or wrong ways to play. Simply take all nine cubes, give them a shake and roll. Then, starting with ‘Once upon a time...’ select the icon that catches your eye first. The objective is to tell a story that link together all nine images.

I sat with my 6-year-old son Zac and explained the rules (no rules) of play. He was very confused as he couldn't quite understand that there are no rules and no winner, it is meant to be a game right? I have to say I wondered how it would possibly work too. I decided to go first so he could get the idea for his turn.

I approached my story telling as quickly as possible without thinking too hard, my story was so silly it made my son hysterical. I'm generally a serious person that has very little sense of humour, but my story I have to admit was quite funny so I joined in with the laughter.

When we had pulled ourselves together from our silly behaviour it was my sons turn next. It was a bit of a challenge for my son as he wanted to know what the picture icons were. I used the pyramid icon (picture) as an example and said, "we went inside the Pyramid to explore or , in Egypt, or the triangle shape" and explained that their meanings are left intentionally open for the storyteller to use their imagination. He seemed to understand this and was able to tell a good enough story.

The game is a great way to encourage creativity, imagination, language development, turn taking and social skills. As I work with children we all played this together with ages 8, 6, 3, and 14 all able to tell a good story. Each child listened carefully to one another praising and saying well done at the end. What a great way of teaching listening skills and general kindness towards one another. It also helps boost confidence as speaking in a group can be hard for some people. If played regularly from a young age imagine how much easier it will be as children mature to speak up in front of others.

This game would be perfect for schools and pre-school settings and although it is for ages 6+ my two 3-year-olds love it. I have also been using it for story time. I ask the children to pick a cube icon that they would like me to use in my story sharing them out fairly so everyone gets to choose. I then tell a story using each child's chosen icon and also include the child in the story to make it more fun. For example, " Katy visited the Pyramid" Children love to be part of the story and you can adapt the story to suit the age of each child.

I can fully understand why this game has won awards and definitely give it a thumbs up!

If you have any other ideas of how this game could be played please feel free to comment below.

Don't forget to look out for next months mystery game review.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

This game was sent to me to review for free, all thoughts and comments remain my own.

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