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The best magazines for children age 6+

I got to review 8 magazines for children age 6+ I have worked with children for over 25 years and currently work as a registered childminder, I have 3 of my own children and feel I have a great experience at understanding the likes and needs of children from a wide range of ages and abilities.

My first review is a brand new magazine called Sweet and this is targeted for girls age 6-10 years. I and one of the children I care for who is 7- years-old sat and read through this together. The magazine is bursting with cute characters, sweet styles, targets the importance of friendships and advertises the latest collectables. The content was fresh, cool and funny and included the latest trends, branded stationery and accessories. Although the 7-year old girl I asked to review the magazine isn't very girlie, she still enjoyed reading and looking through the magazine and liked the free gifts that were included. The free gifts that were included were a nail kit, animal jam code, sweets and Shopkins cards. Overall I think this magazine is perfect for #girlpowered girls age 6-10 years of age and I would highly recommend. If you would like to know more check out sweetmag.co.uk. Sweet mag will be on sale every 4 weeks priced from £3.75 and available from supermarkets and newsagents, or you can subscribe and get it delivered to your door.

My next review was Animals and You and is aimed at children aged 7-11-years. The pictures in this magazine are full of pretty pets and adorable wild cuties. I allowed 3 of the older children to look through this magazine and read it to the younger 3-year-old girls. The magazine is full of fun, facts about furry friends and helps readers learn about animals. The younger children loved looking at the cute pictures of all the animals so a younger sibling could also enjoy sharing this magazine. The 7 and 8-year-olds enjoyed the puzzles, quizzes and creative features like baking, craft and nature projects. The magazine included some free gifts which were good quality, lovely cute posters, and also featured a celebrity and their pet. The children all seemed to enjoy this magazine and if your children love animals then this magazine would be perfect. It is on sale every 3-4 weeks.

WWE Kids Mag is the perfect magazine for fans of WWE and is aimed at children age 7-10. My son is 6 and quite mature for his age and absolutely loved this magazine and couldn't wait to take it to school for show and tell. He doesn't watch much wrestling but seems to know a lot about it from his school friends, he enjoyed the content in this magazine and was eager to listen.

The magazine has lots of posters, puzzles, wrestler facts and advertises the WWE-branded gifts. I didn't like the magazine as I'm not a fan of wrestling but I would certainly purchase this for my son as he really enjoyed it and it encouraged him to read and learn fun facts. WWE kids mags are on sale every 4 weeks.

Beano is a humour-based weekly strip comic aimed primarily at kids aged 7-11. I couldn't wait to read this with my son as it was one of my favourite comics as a child. I enjoyed the comic but he wasn't really interested in the comic sketches and stories and said he found them messy. He did, however, appreciate the humour and loved the jokes that were at the bottom of the page. He has never really been a fan of Dennis the world's wildest boy and his best friend Gnasher and although he tried to listen I could tell he just wasn't really interested. Some reluctant readers prefer to read comic strips and I think it is important to provide children with an opportunity to experience this. I think the magazine is perfect for providing children with this experience. This magazine is available every Wednesday and currently, costs £2.50.

The Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine is for children aged 7-12 who love to read, write and create. My now 14-year-old daughter used to love reading this and it has always been one of her favourites. The magazine is based on the best-selling author Dame Jacqueline Wilson. Every issue includes an exclusive free gift and access to the world of Jacqueline Wilson. My daughter used to love all the arts and craft ideas with fun things to draw, make and do. This magazine encourages creativity and helps readers develop reading, writing and literacy skills. The magazine is written using a dyslexia-friendly font for easy reading. I would highly recommend this magazine for its fun educational content. The magazine is available every 3 weeks and currently, costs £4.99.

My 14-year-old daughter has written a review on her favourite magazine Shout which is targeted for readers age 11-14. Here is her review as written in her words:

Shout magazine is NO.1 for you tubers and is great for teen girls who love a bit of gossip, laughs, inspiration and lots more. The magazine comes out once a month and always includes free goodies, along with some great posters for you to pull out and display in your room, only if you're allowed. Every issue includes posters of YouTubers and pop stars that everyone is loving that month, along with the up-to-date gossip about them to. There are always amazing giveaways to enter, like winning some of Zoella's beauty range or a shopping spree at shops like NewLook, Primark, Accessorise and more.

I don't just love the magazine for its gossip, horoscopes, beauty tips, fashion and shopping but because the magazine has plenty of pages full of inspiration. The little quizzes are fun to do with your friends and family and the inspirational quotes are a great pick-me-up. The magazine also covers important teenage worries and talks about anxiety, bullying, friend problems, body talk and relationships. I don't want to outgrow this magazine but then again my mum is 42 and I often catch her reading it when I have finished with it.

The magazine is such a great read that has picked me up on the down days that I have spent in the hospital with my Crohn's disease flare-ups. The magazine offers the option to have it delivered to your door monthly so you never have to miss out on an issue and you can get 3 issues for £5 along with an extra free gift which is a bargain. You have to subscribe for a year to get this offer so make sure to get permission from your parents. If you want to purchase your magazine monthly from a shop it currently costs £4.25. The Shout website is also worth a visit as it has loads of inspirational content and includes downloadable inspirational posters.

Epic is an awesome magazine for readers aged 7-10 and is crammed with all things children of this age love. My 6-year-old son loved reviewing this magazine and he shared it with all of his friends at school who also thought it was Epic. The magazine is packed with the hottest TV and movie gossip, the coolest gaming news and reviews, the funniest jokes, the biggest YouTubers, top brands, explosive secrets and prizes. If your child is like mine and loves superheroes, LEGO, Minecraft, Footy, comics and puzzles, I would highly recommend. Each issue comes with free gifts and is available to purchase every 4 weeks for the current price of £3.99.

My final review is 100% Gaming and is aimed at children aged 7-10. 100% Gaming includes all the latest game reviews and previews, YouTuber exclusives with Dan TDM, stampy and EthanGamer, game walkthroughs, Minecraft tips and FIFA cheats. If your child is a gaming fan like my son, I would recommend as he loved it and gave it a bid thumbs up! 100% Gaming is on sale every 4 weeks, includes free gifts and currently costs £4.99. All of these magazines were sent to me to review, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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