• By Amanda Blackburn.

Wikaniko's Organic Moringa Oil

I have been lucky enough to review a wonderful natural age defying oil called Moringa oil. I have been testing the product for 3 weeks and can already see and feel the benefits of this wonderful product. The real test was last week when I spent the whole week with my very sick daughter in the hospital. I was sleep deprived, stressed and wasn't able to get outside for some fresh air. My skin would normally suffer terribly under these conditions but I used the oil twice a day and my skin looked healthy and on the outside, I looked fine. I have combination skin and I was a bit reluctant to try this oil because when I use oil based products I usually break out in spots. Stress also makes me break out in spots and last week was an extremely stressful week! So far I have had no spot breakouts and my skin feels soft, full of elasticity and has a healthy glow. The oil has been amazing and helped my skin feel energised and protected my skin from the hospital heating. I shall definitely be purchasing more for myself and I would highly recommend. The bottle has a pump and you only need a few drops so it will last for ages making it an affordable product.

Wikaniko's organically grown Moringa oil is produced on their own farm in Spain. Only fresh green leaves are used in Wikaniko products with the whole process overseen and inspected by the company owners. They are so confident with their wonderful products that they welcome all their distributors to visit the farm at any time to verify their diligent process. Using no pesticides or fertilisers in the growth of their trees you can rest assured that the oil is organic. During the process for this wonderful oil, the leaves are turned into a powder by hand using clean osmosis treated water to wash the vegetation. The leaves are then stripped from the stalks by hand to ensure that machine contamination is avoided. The leaves are then air dried naturally and placed into a dehydrator to kill any remaining pathogens before being turned into powder. Each batch of the Moringa is then analysed in an independent laboratory. There are so many different types of Moringa products available to buy but be very careful and make sure to purchase from a reputable company. You need to make sure you find out where the Moringa oil originates from, how it is produced and what steps are taken when it is turned into powder. If you don't get the organic formula you will be wasting your money and be risking your skin. Moringa is normally grown in the Far East, extracted from the seeds of Moringa from the drumstick, horseradish, ben oil or benzoil tree. With high amounts of behenic acid, the oil is used for a number of industrial applications. It is great for topical use on the skin and the hair and is also a nice cooking oil with a soft, appealing taste. Moringa oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of Moringa Oleifera. This tree is native to the Himalayan foothill and can grow long pods that contain nutritious seeds. The nutritious seeds of moringa leaves are superior to highly nutritious vegetables like spinach because they contain high levels of B-vitamins and Vitamin C. There are so many different varieties of Moringa oil, depending on the variety of Moringa tree from which the oil is extracted. The difference in the nutritional properties depends on the location where the Oil is taken. As mentioned above be very careful where to purchase from as some Countries that it is imported from may be full of contaminants from the pollution caused by massive over-industrialisation, countries where there is no sanitation, no running water or no electricity. I have listed the benefits of Wikaniko's Moringa oil below;

  • Antioxidant – strong antioxidant capacity

  • Anti-inflammatory –reduces inflammation topically and internally.

  • Anti-aging – nutrition to our skin that relieves ageing signs.

  • Anti-microbial –purifies water and reduces bacterial counts.

  • Disinfectant – treats wounds.

  • Carrier – carrier oil for aromatic compounds.

  • Hepatoprotective – protects the liver from damage.

  • Emollient – moisturises the skin.

  • Preservative –resists rancidity and preserves certain products.

  • Exfoliant – drives away dead skin cells.

  • Enfleurage –absorbs the aroma of essential oils and other fragrant compounds like herbs, nuts, seeds, spices and chemicals, making it a perfect perfume base.

Wikaniko's Moringa can also be purchased as Moringa powder (nutritious superfood) or as capsules. The oil can be used for cooking although this would be expensive due to the amounts required, a cheaper way is to use it as a salad dressing.

Make sure you always consult with your doctor or a qualified health professional before you begin any course of vitamins or supplements.

If you would like to find out more about this wonderful product or would like to purchase it, go to Wikaniko's if you type in MOR10 at the checkout you will be able to get 10% of your purchase. Hurry though as this offer is only open In March 2017.

I was sent this Wikaniko Moringa oil for free to review, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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