• By Amanda Blackburn.

My Fairy Garden!

The beautifully detailed hand painted Fairies & Friends pack contains 3 darling fairies Lily, Andrena and Heather. The fairies look so sweet and enchanting and are a great way to add some magic to your garden or home.

The Fairies and Friends figurine pack also includes their animal companions the frog, the hedgehog and the squirrel. These attractive companions are so cute and like the fairies are also made to a high standard.

Invite the fairies and their companions into your life by creating your very own beautiful fairy garden. The fairies and friends can become part of your plants or flowers to create a miniature fairy garden. What a great project to do with children, get them creating, growing, learning about plants and flowers. Make a fairy house and surround it with moss, add some flowers and then decorate, there is no right way to create a fairy garden, let your imagination flow and above all have fun! You can also add the fairies and friends set to any of the other My Fairy Garden playsets. There are some wonderful sets that I would highly recommend, with the other fairies and their friends you and your children could make a cute little fairy village.

These beautiful toys are made by Interplay. interplay has been established for over 18 years in the UK and is a multi-award-winning company positioned at the quality end of the toy market, specialising in developing and marketing innovative toys and gifts. The sets are of such a high quality and are available at great affordable prices.

Interplay brands include:

  • My Fairy Garden

  • FabLab

  • MyStyle

  • My Living World

  • CraftBox

All of these products have been designed and developed in-house. Interplay has a global network of distributors and its products are being enjoyed worldwide by children of all ages.

Here is a list with just some of the other My Fairy Garden products (made by Interplay) that are available:

My Fairy Garden Fairy Garden (recommended ages 4+)- With this indoor Fairy Garden Kit, you can create your own enchanted fairy oasis.This set contains an easy activity guide that shows you how to construct your very own miniature fairy cottage and beautiful living garden.

Included in the set:

  • Fairy Garden Bowl

  • Fairy figurine

  • Mouse Figurine

  • Oyster shell (water feature)

  • Sparkly Fairy Cottage

  • Clothes Line with posts & pegs

  • Die-cut carpet (for cottage)

  • Grass seed

  • Coloured gravel

  • Fairy mushrooms

  • Fairy flowers

  • Fairy dust (stars)

  • Colour booklet

My Fairy Garden Lilypad Gardens (recommended ages 4+)- This indoor or outdoor set comes complete with a cute little house, Lilly the summer fairy figurine, her frog companion and an activity manual. Grow Flowers in the top part of the pot and beneath in the spacious little fairy home.

Included in the set:

  • Flowerpot House (Saucer, House & Flowerpot)

  • Fairy Figure

  • Frog Figure

  • Floating Lilypads

  • SunFlower Windmill

  • Packet of Grass seeds

  • Instruction/ Activity Book

My Fairy Garden Woodland Fairy Door Toy (recommended ages4+)- This set allows you to get close to nature and create your very own magical fairy door. Create a woodland home for the cute little fairy called Heather and her squirrel friend.

Included in the set:

  • Woodland fairy house

  • Fairy figure

  • Squirrel figure

  • 2 ground pegs

  • 4x fixing tabs

  • 1 set of sticky fixers

All of these sets and more are available Here. Also, go check out the Video to see these beautiful products.